Are you experiencing that dreadful toothache and need to find the best dental care for your teeth? If you are in Houston, Texas; then there is no point of wasting your precious time searching all over the internet for tooth extraction clinics. URBN dental is here to save and rescue you from this pain that is tormenting you constantly. Our dental specialists are quite particular when it comes to tooth extraction since we believe that the only teeth that require extraction are those that are damaged beyond repair. As we offer you teeth extractions for braces services, we try our level best to repair and save even the most damaged or totally infected teeth. If we are sure that nothing can be done to salvage your tooth, then we follow some few procedures in order to offer you the best tooth extraction service. We are one of the famous tooth extraction clinics all over Houston that follows a procedure, to ensure everything falls into place as we offer you braces with teeth extracted service.

We start by making an x-ray of the affected tooth to ascertain the damage extent before we start the teeth extractions for braces procedure. Secondly, we administer local anesthesia to make you comfortable and feel zero pain. We also offer conscious sedation to those patients who are very nervous or quite restless during tooth extraction. As we carry out braces with teeth extracted service, our dentist goes ahead to remove the tooth by making use of an elevator to detach fibers that strongly hold the tooth to the gums and the jaw bone. The tooth is then made mobile in its socket by using another elevator in a lever action. The crown of the tooth is then held steadily with extraction forceps and gently moved sideways once the tooth becomes adequately mobile. Lastly, and this is what happens in renowned tooth extraction clinics like ours, is to remove the tooth using an external force. Once the tooth has been extracted, the socket is immediately cleaned and squeezed using finger pressure.

Subsequently, a cotton gauze, which is sparkling clean is then placed in the socket and the patient is asked to bite on it. This cotton gauze is suitable for controlling bleeding and clot formation. Dentist 77027 offers quality braces with teeth extracted services with a lot of care to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible. Our recommendations once your teeth extractions for braces has been completed is to replace the tooth with an artificial one as fast as possible. We let our customers know that failure to do so may result in movement of the surrounding teeth into the extracted side, or over-eruption of the opposing tooth may occur. It is good to note that once tooth extraction has taken place, it is common to feel discomfort or some slight pain. We are the leading tooth extraction clinics, which does not let you leave with the discomfort and pain. We prescribe pain-killers and anti-inflammatory drugs to make you as comfortable as possible. Visit dentist 77027 for that feeling that leaves you feeling like you never had a toothache in the first place!

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