Combo hair transplant surgery refers to the modern technique of hair transplant combining two hair grafting surgeries FUE (follicular unit extraction) and FUT (follicular unit transplant) together. The is becoming very popular. Now people expect a denser, thicker, and natural look with higher baldness coverage in a short time. Fortunately, combination hair implant surgery comes with the solution. It provides all the benefits of both techniques in one go with a speedy recovery for people suffering extreme baldness. To attain dense-looking hair a larger number of hair are required, scalp donor follicles have limitations to fulfill the demand that is why both scalp and harvested body hair are used in this technique.
Purpose of the surgery:
The basic purpose of using this technique is to get maximum donor area grafts to gain high-density hair in the shortest and quickest time possible, with a speedy recovery and healing time.
Ideal candidate
• Person suffering from male pattern baldness
• Person having inherited or genetic baldness
• Person having extreme hair loss
• A person having enough donor hair on other parts of the body (beard, chest)
This Combination of the technique brings the advantages of both FUT and FUE together to get better results. Both techniques consist of extraction of donor hair from the donor area and inserting them into the recipient area, the only difference is the extraction method of donor follicles.
FUE: in fue technique hair follicles ate extracted individually in a group of 1-3 hair from the donor part and then individually planted into the bald area in the direction of naturally grown hair.
FUT: a strip of skin containing the donor's hair is extracted from the donor area. the strip is then broken down into pieces into a group of 1-3 hair under a microscopically, and are grafted into the bald area.
FUTS is advised for relatively small bald areas whereas FUE is suggested for the larger bald area for both men and women. The combination of these two combines the effectiveness of both techniques to achieve maximum coverage and hair growth in reduced procedure timing.

After finalizing the best suitable candidate and the necessary measures the procedure starts with the extraction of a small strip of skin (FUT) and then proceeds to extract hair follicles for FUE. After completing the implantation, patients are free to go back to work, and in a few months’ results are clear. denser and thicker hair is grown that satisfies the patients most of the time.
Benefits of combo hair transplant:
There are many crucial benefits that the combination of hair grafting presents. Some are:
• Maximum coverage:
The first and foremost benefit is the wider and maximized coverage of the bald area is assured in this method. That might not be possible to achieve with a single method.
Moreover, this maximized coverage is achieved without affecting or compromising the hair growth of the donor area.

• Time saver less stressful:
Combo hair transplant saves time for both patient and the doctor. FUT procedure efficiently provides an abundant follicular unit extracted all at one time. That saves the procedure time.
Undergoing multiple surgeries is time-consuming and can be stressful. Patients sometimes do not have enough time from their busy schedules to go for many time-consuming sessions. This can eliminate both these aspects efficiently. Rather than enduring multiple surgeries across a number of months and weeks. The patient has to come in for just one session

• Body hair donation:
Sometimes enough donor's hair is not available on the scalp. Then fue is done on another part of the body with a thicker growth of hair usually these areas are beard and chest.
• Long term result:
The combination of these two brings out long-lasting results. That may not b possible in any of single.
• Repair previous transplant procedure:
The combo hair transplant method can successfully repair the transplant procedure previously done. FUE is used to remove old transplanted plugs and FUT is used to harvest new hair follicles from the donor area.
• Reduced the number of sessions:
The combination of these two techniques reduces the number of sessions that a patient has to undergo to attain their required hair look.
Disadvantages of combo hair transplant:
• Donor Strip scars:
FUT involves removing skin strips to get donor grafts, this may cause some scars on the donor area.
• Prolonged surgery and recovery time:
Since both FUE and FUT procedures are done together, the surgery and recovery time may be a little longer than the single surgery method. fut area needs revisiting as stitches need to be open and time for healing.
• Donor area trimming:
In order to execute the procedure of transplantation, the donor area needs to be trimmed, which can cause a little bald spot on the area until hair re-grow.
Is combo hair transplant for everyone?
Although anyone eligible for hair grafting can go through the surgery the surgery is recommended to those who suffer extreme hair loss or possess a larger bald area and requires a large number of sessions. Many patients just not require it, they can avail great results by either FUT or FUE.
Combo hair transplant is now a day’s most advanced, effective, result bearing technology in the field of hair implantation. People suffering from massive baldness are benefiting from it. but like all medical procedures, a competent surgeon is a must to attain positive long-lasting results. If you want to know more detail, click

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