Combo hair transplant is the latest technique of hair restoration in which both methods follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplantation are performed together in order to get the maximum number of grafts. Modern-day hair restoration is characterized by the maximum number of hair follicular unit which can be harvested from the donor site safely without any long term implications. Hair fall is a ubiquitous problem, hitting people of all ages hard. In the life of hustle and bustle, people forget to take care of themselves and become victims of this problem. The doctors have introduced many safe techniques in order to restore looks and introducing more along with time. Combo hair transplant is the latest one through which doctors can successfully extract maximum hair follicles.
Combo hair transplant is the latest technique of combination of FUT and FUE. Follicular unit transplantation is the old technique; it is also called follicular unit strip surgery. The strip of skin containing hair follicles is extracted from the donor site and the cut is closed with stitches that leave a significant scar. Follicular unit extraction is a relatively new technique. In this technique, hair follicles are extracted one by one from the scalps of the donor site with a tool called the micro punch toll which has a fine tip. This method covers the large area of the donor site and decreases the overall density. Combo hair transplant involves both techniques. This method is performed under local anesthesia. The doctor assesses the scalps of the donor area and then marks the area for follicular unit extraction, then marks the area for the strip to be extracted. In the first session, the surgeon extracts the strip and closes the incision with stitches, and will let the cut heal. Then he dissects the strip to separate grafts. After some days in the second session, the doctor will open the stitches and extracts more hair follicles by follicular unit transplantation and place the follicles in a Petri-dish containing ringer’s solution. The extracted hairs are replanted into the recipient site with any method.
These are two scenarios in a combo hair transplant. One is the follicular unit transplantation is performed one day and the follicular unit extraction is performed on the other day. The second scenario is both techniques are performed on the same day. Well, it remains the choice of the doctor and depends on his expertise. It is not performed so frequently yet. This technique has shown many benefits that cannot be ignored. Using both techniques FUT and FUE together save the time of healing. With this technique, the patient can get the maximum number of hairs transplanted. The final outcome ensures to achieve high-density hairs after this treatment. It is an effective method for extreme cases of hair loss. People who have undergone this treatment have faced less pain compared to the patients who have undergone follicular unit transplantation.
Although this is a new technique so some complications are also expected. Some people have also seen infection and pain after the procedure and there are also cases reported shock fall and late regrowth. Some people avoid this treatment because it involves follicular unit transplantation and it leaves a large scar. Some people found this treatment exhausting because in both scenarios, either they have to undergo one day very long treatment or they have to attend multiple sessions.
Combo hair transplant is a good technique that successfully extracts a large number of grafts and helps to get high-density hairs after the treatment. This technique requires high expertise to extract hairs. The combination of both techniques increases the number of grafts and gives more impact and gives the expected result. To get a combo hair transplant in Lahore, there are many qualified hair restoration surgeons but most people prefer to get it done from an experienced doctor. Those who want to know more in detail click the link

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