Many people believe that colon cleansing can help support good overall health. It can have multiple benefits.. A carefully formulated, scientifically-based colon cleanse formula can even be helpful when beginning a diet and weight management plan. All of these beneficial effects, however, can only be experienced if you choose the right colon cleansing method for you.

A common colon cleansing option sensationalized by Hollywood movie stars is colon hydrotherapy or colon irrigation. This colon cleansing procedure is performed by trained professionals and involves the use of rubber tubes which are inserted inside the rectum through which various types of solutions are channeled into the innermost parts of the colon, and flushed out. The process removes waste from the colon.
Colon hydrotherapy has been endorsed by holistic teaching which sometimes compares the colon to a sewage system. According to holistic science, colon hydrotherapy or irrigation is required to sanitize the colon system.

Disadvantage of Colon Hydrotherapy

  • Many conventional doctors believe colon hydrotherapy interferes with the body’s natural colon cleansing functions.
  • There is much in the media about inadequately trained technicians and equipment that has not been thoroughly sterilized. The colon is a delicate organ and this procedure should only be performed by trained professionals, using highly sterilized equipment. Performed by untrained personnel, it could result in damage to the colon.
  • There is the possibility for infection if instruments are not properly sterilized.
  • Many people report the process to be painful with abdominal pain or discomfort lasting for up to a week after colon irrigation.
  • While hydrotherapy may cleanse the colon, it can also remove the good bacteria along with the bad. The good bacteria are essential for colon health.
  • Colon hydrotherapy could disturb the delicate electrolyte balance of the body.

In contrast to hydrotherapy or irrigation, natural colon cleansers work with your body’s natural processes for cleansing the colon. Contrary to popular opinions, the body is actually quite capable of cleansing waste. Often, it is our diet that is the problem. Inadequate nutrition and fiber may lead to the colon not working at peak performance. This is where natural colon cleansers can prove to be far more effective in supporting colon health.

Advantages of Natural Colon Cleansers

  • Natural colon cleansers work with the body’s natural colon cleansing processes.
  • With the proper use of herbs and nutrients there is less of a chance that the body’s natural balance will be disturbed.
  • Many natural colon cleansers do not necessitate the need for a professional assistant. It is as easy as taking tablets or drinking a fiber milk shake.
  • Natural colon cleanse offer a safer and more comfortable cleansing. There is no fear of infection.
  • Certain natural colon cleansers encourage the proliferation of good bacteria (probiotics).
  • A carefully formulated natural colon cleanser will contain specific herbs to support the functions of all the eliminatory organs.

Herbal colon cleanse, like BeneCleanse, is a scientifically-based formula which cleanses the colon through herbs, fiber and nutrients. All the ingredients are well-researched, are safe to use and work with your system gently and naturally. It provides the colon with nutritional support to maintain important functions of the body that safeguard your overall health for long term.

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NaturalDetox is a manufacturer of colon health supplements that are carefully formulated by a physician. This herbal colon cleanser provides a 3-step approach for colon cleansing, promoting and nutritionally maintaining a healthy colon.