Colocation hosting (colo) is when a physical server is located in a separate location from the clients place of business. Housing a server requires plenty of space and can take time away from other organization related duties. Colocation servers are housed in facilities frequently referred to as information centers or warehouses whilst the server itself is still privately or corporately owned. Facilities that house colocation servers present a number of security attributes to their clients.

These security functions can include the server being kept in a secured cage or cabinet, several security cameras placed inside and outside of the facility, regulated power, secure internet connections, support, fire detection, automated extinguishers, filtered power, backup generators, and many connection feeds. These attributes are put in place for a client to guarantee security and reliability.

Colocation server hosting is among the most expensive sorts of server hosting accessible. Depending on the hosting firm, support is often limited or non-existent. Most colocation hosting organizations only supply a location to secure the server and internet and electrical access. The installation of hardware and software, downloading updates, and conducting backups is left to the client. When this is the case the client must send a system administrator to the colocation facility to fulfill these duties.

Colocation facilities are in existence since they provide a number of advantages to clients. This sort of server outsourcing gives a higher quantity of bandwidth to clients. Websites containing a lot of data and various applications are able to run quicker and a lot more reliably due to higher uptime percentages. This also frees up space on the clients internal network permitting for a lot more usage. Clients that house servers in colocation facilities get pleasure from numerous of the very same benefits as those employing a dedicated server.

Though the client isn't in possession of the colo server, they still own it. This means the server is not shared and only that one clients hardware and software program is installed on the device. The client maintains the freedom to make use of as a lot bandwidth, memory, and disc space as needed and can make configurations on an as required basis without having interference.

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