Other people, businesses and entrepreneurs who work in the same business arena as you are your competitors and you are theirs!

I believe that this is a myth that is outdated and unhelpful for you to believe this is true.

The only time someone else, becomes your comptition or you perceive them as your comeptitor, is when you do not have true belief in your own services or products.

When we are lacking in our own confidence and belief in what we are doing, we will automatically perceive every other business or entrepreneur who offers similar products and services to ours, as our competitior and fear will kick in that htey are better, bigger, more successful than us and they will take all of our potential customers or dominate the market.

When you have total belief in yourself, what you are doing, you will have the confidence and potential to understand that these people are not your competitors they are you allies and people that can support and help you as you grow your business not people to be afraid of or shy away from.

Collaborating and supporting like minded business owners is possibly one of the most underused tools you have available to you - through collaboration and supporting of each other you can form strong bonds and relationships and help each other to grow and succeed, share ideas, cross promote and market together, saving time, overwhelm and money.

Change your thoughts and you will change your future success opportunities

Leading Inspirational life designer, International Author, Specialist business success keys expert
founder of the Specialist Guild of Excellence and Success helping you create the potenital for success without overwhelm and frustration


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With over 15 years experience in training, management and consultative roles, Carol is a leading Inspirational Life Designer, International Author, workshop presenter and speaker, specialising in helping therapists and life coaches create rock solid foundations as they build their business.

Carol has created the UBPBM(TM)Ultimate Business potential and Belief Models and is the founder of the Specialist Guild of Excellence and Success, the worlds most exclusive on and off-line community that offers therapists and coaches, free training and business success consultancy, expert business solutions, support with and from like-minded professionals, collaboration, promotion and networking platforms for the future.

Carol helps you to stop simply surviving and making do and takes you by the hand as you create and build your business, with the potential to take empowered actions and create successful results for yourself and your clients.

You already have everything you need to achieve your dreams and goals, now is the time to learn how to tap into it and turn your dreams into reality.

It's your life - what are you going to do with it?

If you are ready to make your business extra-ordinary instead of ordinary, position yourself as an expert in your field and create a fulfilling and abundant future for yourself adn your family, the Specialist Guild of Excellence and Success is the place to me.