CodeIgniter is an open source web application framework. It is used to build dynamic websites with PHP. It has a simple and elegant toolkit, which helps the developers to create featured applications. The applications developed in this framework function extremely fast. It also accelerates the development process by providing rich set of libraries for common tasks. In addition, it provides logical and uncluttered interface to access these libraries.

CodeIgniter permits the development of small-scale PHP based application in minutes with minimum setup. Moreover, it is capable of building fully functional websites with a simple structure. Web applications are easily managed, and websites offer a speedy performance. It is a secured platform for developers to explore wide range of applications. The development is transparent as there is clear documentation. Customized features are also a part of CodeIgniter framework, this provides with many flexible applications.

CodeIgniter stands apart from other PHP frameworks as it has rich set of libraries that deliver the best collection of features and code events. It has in built definitive suite of programming functionalities, allowing the user to implement the codes easily, with zero configurations. There are certain benefits making this framework a favorite among the developers, these are:

  • Inbuilt libraries for simplified coding
  • Coding rules and configuration not required
  • A small track and astounding presentation
  • Broad compatibility provision with standard hosting accounts
  • Straightforward solutions
  • Eliminates complex structures and development

This framework is search engine friendly and hence it is most preferred by businesses. It also comes in with clean URLs. It is lightweight and capable of storing enormous amount of data. In addition, the application for securities is secured and dependable. Yet another prominent reason for enterprises to opt for this framework is that it saves a lot of time in coding and structuring.

There are many PHP development companies offering customized packages as per the need of the businesses. They are capable of providing a complete package from the development process to the deployment, implementation, maintenance and support services.

Organizations looking for a reliable web development solution can hire CodeIgniter framework developers to meet their business requirements. The services provide development of:

  • Web applications
  • eCommerce
  • Custom CMS
  • Portal design
  • Maintenance and support services

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