Chocolate has gained worldwide attention not only for its taste, but also for its antioxidant value and phyto-nutrient content. From promoting energy levels to supporting cardiovascular health, the list of possible health-promoting benefits associated with chocolate consumption is driving health-conscious people all over the world to include a bite of chocolate as a delicious daily contribution to their health-promoting regimen.

In 2005, scientists linked the robust heart health status of the Kuna Indians living in Panama with the regular consumption of a bitter cocoa beverage native to their diet, made from cocoa beans. Scientists believe that this cocoa beverage could explain the higher incidence of heart health the Kuna Indians enjoyed. Using pure, unprocessed cocoa beans the cocoa beverage the Kuna Indians produced still possessed the rich, health-promoting benefits of polyphenols and flavonoids found in cocoa beans. In stark contrast, the kind of chocolate available in the market today is a far cry from the flavonoid-rich beverage that the Kuna Indians drink.

Chocolate Candy
Surprisingly, chocolate candy is very low in cocoa content. Candy manufacturers usually strip cocoa of its flavonoids in order to make chocolate that tastes less bitter and has a more pleasing flavor. Chocolate candy contains a negligible cocoa content, excessive sugar, high calories, unhealthy fats and additives which is why this variety of chocolate is actually unhealthy for consumption. Every 100 grams of milk chocolate has an ORAC value of just 6,612. (ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and is used to measure antioxidant power.)

What is better than chocolate candy?
Dark chocolate definitely has more flavonoids compared to the milk chocolate variety. Dark chocolate has an ORAC value of 20,816 for 100 grams, but still contains fats and sugars that will add calories to your diet.

What is better than dark chocolate?
The more unprocessed chocolate is, the better it is for health. Defatted cocoa powder has the highest cocoa content and is the least processed. It therefore has the highest antioxidant potency with an ORAC value of 55,653 for every 100 grams!

Like other antioxidant-rich foods such as red wine, which contains resveratrol and green tea which contains antioxidants called EGCG (epi-gallacto-catechins), defatted cocoa powder, too is known for a variety of antioxidants and phyto-nutrients each possessing their unique health-promoting properties.

What is better than defatted cocoa?
If you are looking for antioxidant value, CocoPure (cocoa tea) should be high on your list! It combines defatted cocoa with resveratrol and green tea extracts. Taken together research studies show these three components provide an excellent antioxidant-rich beverage that:

  • May help promote cardiovascular health
  • May help support healthy immune function
  • May help promote energy levels
  • May help promote healthy moods
  • May help promote healthy circulation
  • May help support healthy blood pressure already within a normal range

CocoPure (cocoa tea) contains no fat, no milk, no sugars and each serving has an ORAC value of 5,250—which means you’re getting 157,500 ORAC units in a container of CocoPure! It provides your body with the most beneficial type of chocolate—defatted cocoa—along with other health-boosting dietary substances such as green tea and resveratrol.

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