Coca-Cola is considered by many people as the best drink after a tiresome workout or on a hot afternoon. On the contrary, the health researchers consider it the most harmful drink for the health of an individual. However much water may be tasteless, its safety for the body doubles that of a sip of soda. Most people may have thought that soda is made from a fruit, but the horrible truth is that its main ingredients are sugar and caffeine, substances that are not good for the body when taken in large quantities. The following are the specific effects of coca-cola;

1. Causes kidney problems
Coca-cola contains artificial sweeteners that are used in place of sugar. Despite not being a natural sugar, it has been proven to be a major cause of kidney failure. The manufacturers may say they have manufactured diet soda that doesn’t have the negative effects but the truth is that the effects are the same.

2. Increases the risk of obesity and diabetes
Historically, before the introduction of soda diabetes and obesity was not very common but after that, the number of diabetes victims including children increased. This is clear evidence that soda could be the major cause of the illness. Coca-cola increases the blood sugar level making the body vulnerable to diseases such as diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. Obesity is a route for fatal diseases such as heart problems and arthritis. Therefore, try replacing soda with any other fruit juice to ensure you remain on the safer side.

3. Causes brain problems
An experiment to test the effect of coca-cola on the brain was conducted on rats due to their similar brain chemistry with the human brain. The rats who had not taken coca- cola found their way out easily than those who had taken. This is what led to the conclusion that coca-cola cause brain damage. The effect of coca-cola on the brain is like that of heroine so you can imagine what you will be doing to your brain by considering soda. It gives you immediate pleasure and later misery.

4. It lowers the strength of the immune system
The immune system is what protects your body against diseases and heals you apart from the doctor’s prescription. Coca-cola is a carbonated drink due to the IV carbon oxide that is used as a preservative. This preservative alters the immune system by blocking the nutrients from reaching their destinations. Therefore, avoid consumption to reduce the vulnerability of your body to diseases.

5. Deteriorates the health of your teeth and bones
We all need strong bones and teeth for survival; teeth chew food that you require for general body building while on the other hand bones is the main support for the body weight. When both of them are unhealthy your testimony for life experience will be negative. You might have thought the acidic substance is very sour like lemon but coca-cola as sweet as it is has proven to be very acidic. Acidic body fluids can corrode or dissolve the bones and teeth very fast. The acidity of soda is due to the gases used to preserve them.

6. Lowers the rate of metabolism
Excess of any kind of sugar slows down the body functions in the body including the brain and metabolism rate. It has also been found to destroy the enzymes that are responsible for burning down excess fats causing weight gain. One of the strategies of reducing weight is increasing metabolic rates, hence soda will be taking you one step behind in you struggle to decrease weight.

7. Can cause reproduction problems
A research conducted on the monkey on the effect of caffeine on fertility has confirmed that it affects the fertility. It increases the chances of miscarriages; a larger percentage of miscarriage victims are caffeine consumers. The chances of a woman who takes caffeine to conceive are of also very low. The university of Utah conducted a study on mice which confirmed the probability of too much sugar lowering the sperm count of a man. Excess sugar and caffeine are the major ingredients of soda therefore, minimize the consumption of both or ovoid it fully.

I understand coca-cola is your favorite drink that a long time never passes before you taste a glass of it. Do you know what makes you crave for it? The caffeine that it contains is addictive and will keep demanding that you take. The above effects are its major effects and I don’t think you want to be a part of poor health conditions. Remember coca-cola can never replace water, however, sweet or cold it may be. Let’s take the required amount of water and if you have a craving for sweet drink consider fruit juice.


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