Before you get offended or x out of the page hear me out.

I’ve been coaching for many years and have worked with hundreds of people.
I’ve made a terrific discovery. There are two types of people who sign up for coaching and or healing work.

The first group is filled with folks who really don’t want change unless you can do it for them. They want a magic mantra, a quick fix and you to answer all their live questions. These people are the ones who are always sick, sad and or broke.
Poverty and misery are their closest friends.

These are the people who generally wander all over the internet going from one free download to the next. They find all the “free” stuff there is out there and fill their hard drives with it then they wonder why all these quakes promise help only to offer nothing but more stuff.

This first group of people talk always about how sick, broke, victimized, and miserable they are to anyone who will listen. They love free programs too. They will show up to just about any free tele-seminar or self help radio show you offer them.

They will even take your free coaching sessions or classes if offered. They will sign up and join group after group in hopes of someone offering them the magic fix for their lives.

The second group encounter many of the same problems as the first. They also attend free offerings and sign up for groups. The difference is they apply all the stuff given freely and lovingly to them. They APPLY what they gather.
They realize that they are more than computers storing information.

They are not looking for someone to give them all their answers, they are willing to work with someone to discover and apply the answers.

Coaching is hard work. It’s work, it requires effort on your part, just like most other things in life. No one has your answers, however coaching can help you to discover your answers within your self.

You are not a data storage, you are a living, changing being.. who when applied knowledge with wisdom and action takes place actually are able to transform yourself and your life.

I recently had a client fire me.. she was one I had coached for free for over six months with no change on her part other than to get more desperate in giving me reasons for her troubled life. This was a relief to me. I don’t like firing clients and will generally let them slide away easily to find another “free coach” which is what she informed me she had done.. actually, she’s found two free coaches. She told me all I did was ask questions and was no help at all in giving her answers. I laughed for a good ten minutes after reading the email from her. She also dropped her “free” membership in my support group that I generally charge for. She couldn’t afford to pay so I let her join for free.

Over the years of coaching I’ve realized that people just can’t be helped by others. You can only help yourself. A coach or healer works with you, not in the place of you.

This is important to realize. You choose the group you’re in.. a complainer or a changer. You have to do the work.. your coach is there for support, guidance and a helping hand.. not to live your life and make your choices in your place.

Coaching isn’t for wimps.. not the person doing the coaching or the one being coached. In order to change things outside yourself.. you must change you. This is simple but not often easy or without emotions.

Give your coach a big hand and thank you for working with you. She is giving of herself whether you exchange money for the time and information or not. Apply what is being shared with you.. use it to change yourself and watch as your life changes.

Author's Bio: 

Donna DeVane is a certified GIYAME energy healer, life coach, teacher, author and radio show host whose passion is helping others live empowered lives. She provides real information for real people looking for real changes in their lives. She is webmaster of several self help and healing websites, writes weakly for the Examiner and hosts a radio show reaching out to women who wish to lived Empowered lives.

Donna's work focuses on helping you change your beliefs by working with the subconscious mind where limiting beliefs are stored.