Not only has the internet changed how people communicate with their friends and family, it has also changed how they connect with their clients. In the past, someone may have promoted their business through advertising in a paper and/or a magazine, by giving out business cards and even attending certain networking events.

And while these past methods still prove to be useful, nowadays, many individuals use the internet to gain the exposure that they need, which can make it is a lot easier for them to have their own business.

The Right Clients

One of the main reasons it’s easier for coaches to gain the exposure they need online is because they can target the right people, which can easily be done through using social media. Groups of people that are interested in specific topics related to life coaching are literally at your fingertips and can be found by simply typing in a few select keywords. A good way to start would be asking colleagues and clients what groups they are part of or by using Facebook’s “suggested groups” feature.

When it comes to targeting the right people on social media, coaches can tailor their message to a specific group by creating an advertisement. One option is to create an ad through Facebook, as it allows you to specify your target audience, choose an objective for your social media campaign and even choose your budget. However, with a little research and effort on your part, paying for ads isn’t necessary.

Find Your Niche

Reaching the right people is ideal for someone who is looking to attract coaching clients because, while some coaches may think that attracting a variety of clientele is ideal for growing their business, the opposite is actually true. As a coach, it is important to specialize in certain areas and focus your expertise on a specific group of individuals.

Now, this is not to say that someone just doesn’t want to work with certain people; what it could mean is that they prefer to work with people who have certain challenges that they feel they have more experience in. This could be due to what the coach has been through in life, among other things.

A Platform

Having a business page on social media makes it easier for coaches to stay in touch with clients and interact with other who may be looking for a coach. It is also a great place for coaches to promote their blog, share information that clients may find useful and in turn, expand their reach. While some people might not be interested in the coaching services on offer, there will be others who will ‘like’ their page. It also creates a platform for a coaches former or existing clients to comment on their experience with you as a coach.

Therefore, through having their own page on social media, it will give them the opportunity to stay in contact with people who they could soon be working with. They can encourage these people to engage with them through asking them questions and by sharing a blog post, for instance.

A Relationship

Someone may also prefer to send them a message instead of commenting on something they share. And it could be said that this is to be expected; especially if they don’t want to share every aspect of their life online.

When a coach shares an update, responds to a comment or replies to a message, they are going to be developing relationships with people. By putting in this effort and staying connected with those that visit their page, the coach shows potential clients that they are reliable.

This comes down to the fact that people are more likely to work with someone who has an interest in what they have to say. Another thing that will also be important is for them to believe that the person they are talking to can make a difference to their life.

Using Video

What can also allow someone to communicate this is through creating videos and sharing them on their page. A video is likely to have a far greater impact than a status, and when it comes to people that they haven’t met, it will give them the chance to create a stronger connection with them.

Based on my experience, I believe that some people feel as though it is more personal when they send me a message on social media as opposed to an email. They can see my profile picture, my videos and what I share, and so it can be the easiest option.

And when I share an article, it is often more common for people to comment under the link than to comment under the article. Once again I think this comes down to that fact that it is easier for people to do this.

A Process

In general, I share something about three times a day, and will also use this time to reply to any comments or messages I may have. There are certain people who I talk to on a regular basis and there are others who I might not hear from again.

In my eyes, this shows that people have different reasons for reaching out, and through having this outlook, it stops me from getting attached to a certain outcome. This then allows me to stay focused on my own vision.

Like most things in life, this is a process, and as long as someone has a device that they can carry around with them, it is not going to take too much effort for them to stay in contact with the people on their page. ​

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