The scenario that comes to our mind first when we imagine a school is teachers instructing the class and students listening to them. But why it is so? Why don’t we think about other activities that take place in schools? Though the motto behind admitting children into school is to make them educated but the concept of schools has changed much these days.
Along with the academic results of the students, schools also emphasize on the co-curricular activities.

Even when parents start their search for schools to get their children admitted, they don’t just check the academic background of the school but also see what other facilities the schools provide to its students. With the passage of time, the priorities of the parents have also changed. Earlier parents used to send their children for the co-curricular activities that the schools came to become famous for; but now schools themselves have started conducting different activities so that children can learn many things under one roof and don’t find schools a boring place anymore.

Co-curricular activities keep the students occupied with activities that are related to physical exercise, debate, art and craft, quiz, instrumental music, personality development, dramatics, dance, yoga & meditation. In today’s extremely competitive world, children bear a lot of mental pressure and lead sedentary lives either on the Internet or watching movies, or playing video games. This is the point where co-curricular activities play an important role. It helps children relieve themselves from academic pressure and also helps them to keep themselves physically healthy and fit.

Children are called to be the future citizens of the country; but only being good academically does not make the students good human beings and responsible citizens of the nation. Children should similarly show their talents in other fields also and if they do not, they should at least show some eagerness in them. When children are both academically and co-curricularly balanced, it makes them confident. This also develops a child’s personality. Academics are always the first priority of a student or of the parents of the student. But co-curricular activities are also not any obstruction to academic excellence; rather the activities add positive points to a student’s persona.

Students usually go to schools to study but co-curricular activities in schools give them the chance to show their potential in fields like music, dance and sports, which are also necessary in a human’s life. Sometimes parents themselves get into a dilemma whether they should allow their children to occupy themselves in the co-curricular activities because they think it can harm their academic results. But when it is left to the children, they learn to manage both aspects. It in a way also helps the children to inculcate managing skills within them which they can use later in their lives. Co-curricular activities in schools not only reflect the varied interests of the children and helps them for an all round development but also saves their time which could be wasted otherwise.

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