When clovers take over a garden, they tend to do just that. Some might agree that although they are one of the more better looking pesky plants, they still pose a huge problem in a lot of extra moist soils. They spread like a disease, rapidly. When you look into finally doing something about it, there re few choices you can make based on your situation.

A lot of people pose a question of how to kill the actual weed itself, without killing their grass or other surrounding plants. What they haven't been told about the pesky little plant is that its presence in your garden is allowing nitrogen back into the soil. Some people recommend just mowing your lawn and allowing the clover to help your soils nitrogen content. It is also one of those rare breed of weeds that will stay green even if you live in a place where temperatures and climates can fluctuate. It would be nice to have a green lawn in summer as opposed to your next door neighbors putrid yellow. So, some would argue that the safest weed killers are none at all.

There are some things you will not be able to get rid of when trying to fly around the "safety" route concerning weed killers. It is meant to kill the weed, not generally maim it. If you want to get a good mean weed killer it is going to contain at least three or four herbicides. The more milder ones will contain one or two. The main point to take into consideration about these clover weed killers is that they all have at least one active herbicide meant to destroy the weed or plant itself. There are four main herbicides including 2, 4-D, Mecoprop (MCPP) and Dicambu.

These are the main herbicides that are mixed and matched within products, all very effective in killing clovers and any other weeds that commonly grow in your front yard. Generally, with clovers. the two most effective killers of the four are the MCPP and the Dicambu. Dicambu, when used in high amounts will have a higher chance of ruining other plants in your garden if you are not careful. The chemicals in it stay in your soil, so if it does end up killing your plants, you may need to redistribute and start all over with new soil. It is best, when talking about killing clover weeds to use MCCP, or a killer that has MCCP as your main chemical herbicide.

If you are extremely inquisitive about using toxins in your yard, you have every right to be. If you want to research a certain agent, a good place to start would be the internet. This is a good starting place for getting the facts about certain clover weed killers as opposed to others. Use your own judgment and keep in mind that all herbicides are generally not very healthy fro you are your children.

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