Are you 100 % certain that your value proposition holds more value, than you expect your customers to pay for it? Because if you are not, then you can never expect to convince anyone, to invest into what you sell. Everyone you come into contact with has an innate ability to read you like a book. If you are not authentic, honest and you do not believe in what you sell completely, they will immediately see right through you. They will never learn to trust you enough, to spend any of their hard earned cash with you.

We can all Sense Atmosphere and Integrity
Have you ever walked into a room and felt the atmosphere was tense and got a sense of foreboding, like something was wrong? Or have you ever felt that someone, who you were speaking to, was not being completely honest with you? How trusting or open are you under either circumstance to part with your money and make a purchase? It is clear that we all have an innate ability to sense, atmosphere, whether people are acting with integrity and being honest with us or not. Your customers and prospects are no different.

What is your belief and dedication towards the value you bring?
If you do not believe 100 % in what you sell and that the price you are charging for it is fair. It will be impossible to convince anyone else to accept any offer you make. In other words, if you have low value dedication towards what you sell and you are not completely convinced that the price you are trying to persuade your prospects and customers to pay for it is fair, people will immediately sense your insincerity and instinctively not like or trust you. As people only buy from people they know, like and trust and who can offer them real value, insincerity and a lack of belief in what you sell, is clearly not a wise philosophy to follow, if you want to close sales.

Closing the Sale starts with Passion and Dedication, towards what you sell
If you are passionate about what you sell and completely convinced that what you offer, is the perfect fit for your prospects and customers and that by purchasing it for the price you expect them to pay, you are truly making a positive difference to them. People will sense your belief, passion and drive and they will gladly invest in what you have to offer.

Have you bought what you sell?
I know it is not always possible to do this, but have you actually bought one of the products and services you are trying to sell, yourself, for the price you expect your prospect or customer to pay for it and do you feel it was great value for money?

When I am looking for investment properties, I only deal with estate agents, who have bought similar investments themselves. If someone is trying to convince me to part with my investment capital, I want to invest in a place where they have put their own money, not in a place where they will earn the highest commission payment. I have followed this philosophy for many years now and to date, have not purchased single unit, which does not deliver a great return to me.

Closing the Sale
Closing any sale starts long before you are sitting in front of your prospect, keeping negotiation’s alive, with your ability to use agreement and acknowledgement as tools, to support your intention to show them the value you bring.

It starts with you knowing exactly what you sell
Believing completely in the value you offer
Accepting that price you expect your prospect to pay is fair
Identifying the perfect prospects, who need exactly what you sell
Finally you close the sale with your commitment to be of service and always put your customers’ needs ahead of your own.
Once you get these crucial elements as described above right, closing sales is less about using clever closing techniques and more about building long term sustainable mutually beneficial relationships with people, who will benefit from what you have to offer them. If you carefully select the perfect prospect, who needs exactly what you offer and you believe in what you sell, your drive, commitment and passion will convince people they can trust you, so closing sales becomes less about manipulation and all about positive influence, where you guide people to see all the value they will get, when they purchase what you sell.

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