One of the things that men do often enough is simple, they panic. They panic so often that they end up not getting a date with the person that they absolutely want to be with. They settle. You may have done this in the past, but you don’t have to. If you see someone that you want to go out with, then you can easily follow some steps that will close her for an instant date. Of course, they have to have some sort of interest. It’s tough to close someone that has no interest in dating and doesn’t know who you are. With that in mind, consider a few tips and tricks that could very well close her for an instant date.

Find Out What She’s Doing

Before an excuse can be made, make sure that you know the schedule of the person you want to go out with. This can be tough, but you don’t always have to worry about spying. Instead, you should consider asking some questions. Before you can close her for an instant date, you need to absolutely know what she’s doing and that’s it. Ask her outright. Sometimes you can get away with simply saying, what are you up to right now, and that’s it. If they are interested at all, they will say nothing. If they have nothing going on, ask her out on the spot. Ask her to get coffee right then and there, and 90% of the time, they will oblige.

Have a Plan With Or Without Her

Here’s one of the best ways that you can close her for an instant date, have a plan. You should look for interesting events in your area and then plan to go, even without her. For instance, let’s assume that there is a car show going on tomorrow. You could mention the fact that there is a car show, and then subtly ask her if she’d be interested in going with you. If she is busy, that’s fine, tell her she’ll miss out and that you’re going anyway. Then on your social media profile, post images and a selfie of yourself having a blast. This will help your cause down the line, so don’t sweat it.

Offer To be Her Ride

Always have an open ear around single women. If you are serious about wanting to close her for an instant date, you may have an opening by simply having a car. Sometimes women will talk to others and will say that they want to go somewhere, but won’t have a ride, and you can jump in. Giving someone a ride for a date is an easy way to get them to agree to going out with you. As long as your ears are open, you can respond swiftly here.

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