Driven by the passion to help, inspire, and develop individuals, Cloé Caron has transformed the lives of many leaders and organizations through her human approach to entrepreneurship.

After a transitional career change from manager to coaching leaders on the impact they wish to have on their team and organization, Cloe is now the head of a coaching company named o2Coaching, which counts five employees. From being a coach to an entrepreneur, her role has evolved, and she feels that it is now her responsibility to share and implement an inspiring vision to her team for them to achieve the goals that she had in mind when she started the company. Besides, she is also an author of Empower Your Team and the Founder of the Empower Your Team Movement.

We, at Insights Success a top business magazines, interviewed Cloe to unveil her inspiring entrepreneurial journey and her contribution to the coaching industry through o2Coaching.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

What are your plans for the company’s future?

My mission is to create a new generation of inspiring and inspired leaders by making a positive impact in the lives of a million leaders through my book and the Empower your Team Movement. To succeed in our mission, we want to reach leaders around the world.

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