We live in a fast-paced world where marketers ought to find more alluring ways to commercialize their stuff. One surefire way is using video marketing. It's not only preferred by audiences, but also search engines for a higher ranking. Video content boosts conversion rates, builds trust, and encourages shares beside a lot more. Unfortunately, creating high-quality videos costs an arm and a leg everywhere else, except one...

What Is Clipman?

Clipman is a versatile, cloud-based software that helps you create and edit professional, entertaining, and high-conversion marketing videos at meager prices. It also gives you the freedom to share these videos across most social media platforms without scavenging on your funds.

Clipman automatically creates videos for your product in just a few minutes. Videos are created from 40+ expert-certified templates, sourced from the most successful e-commerce websites. You're allowed to select a template of your choice. Here's the process in four simple steps.

How Does It Function?

This software works on complete autopilot, but you always have the chance to edit the resultant video(s). Below are the few steps that explain precisely how Clipman works.

Step 1: Copy and paste the hyperlink of the page in which your product lies into Clipman's platform.

Step 2: Choose a template that matches your product.

Step 3: Incorporate your audio, texts, and prices to accompany your video. The software will create an automatic video, which you can edit in the next step.

Step 4: Customize your video according to your clients and desires.

Step 5: You can now render your video and share it on social media platforms like Facebook. You're done!

Who Made It?

Clipman is the brainchild of Raul Kaevand. Kaevand has a lot of zeal in graphics as well as video tools. So he's not doing this for the first time, as he's also behind other successful products like Click Animate, Videos, and more. So for the avoidance of doubt, Clipman is created by a man with zeal, experience, and knowledge.

Who Can Use It?

After navigating the whole video creation and editing process, I found out that Clipman is usable by anyone. According to the simple steps highlighted above, all you do is adding images of your product, choosing a template from the collection of 40+ tried-and-tested galleries, and adding texts, titles, and audio. That sounds very basic to do.

How Much Does It Cost?

When you first register on Clipman, you can choose to go with the 7-day free trial — to help you evaluate the quality of videos you should expect. The registration process needs no dime from you.

After the free registration or upon completing the 7-day free trial, you can now subscribe for $34 per month! This price is ostensibly way much lower than others. Creating a quality video can often demand as much as $100 per hour from you!

The Bottom Line

Using videos for marketing is the new way to drive more traffic and increase conversion rates for your website. However, hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded to various websites each day, so you have to come up with unparalleled quality, which is only possible with Clipman. It saves your time and wallet and creates high-quality videos in an autopilot — there's no better deal than this.

Based on the evaluation of ROI, time saved, ease of use, and quality of the videos, Clipman is worth a trial.

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