Beautiful video ads are critical for attracting your target audience and increasing traffic on your website. There are tools out there that help in doing this. However, most of these tools are challenging to master and use.

Luckily, Clipman AI has made everything easier. This newly launched software will help you create great video ads fast and easy. Below, we give you a brief and honest review of the Clipman AI.

What’s Clipman AI?

Clipman AI is a video making/editing software that lets you produce highly impacting videos for your marketing needs. Additionally, this software has a specific training system to help people learn the necessary highly-converting video ads creation techniques.

Josh Ratta is the man behind this marketing software. He’s a famous marketing expert and developer of other great software, including Reloaded, iGloo, Vidinfusion, Vidgeos, etc.

Who Should Use Clipman AI?

Clipman AI is for all business people that want to produce cost-effective, highly-converting ad videos with just a click of a button.

With this software, business owners can edit videos to show specific particulars about their products. Moreover, Freelancers will find this tool very helpful.

The Clipman AI Features

Here are the great features of the Clipman AI that will help you create impactful videos in minutes:

High Definition Video Renders:

First, this feature will ensure you create high-end ad videos. These ad videos will make you stand out from your competitors.

Over 30 ready-made, professional and attractive templates:
Second, you can choose from a wide selection of ready-made templates. That will save a lot of time.

Over 3000 Audio Tracks:

Third, this feature saves you a lot of bucks that you could otherwise use to purchase a new audio track now and then.

Lifetime access:

Fourth, enjoy unlimited access to Clipman AI for a pocket-friendly price.

Produce videos from URL:

Next, with Clipman AI, it’s easy to produce videos from content on URLs. You copy/paste the URL of the product, and the tool will do the rest.

Produce Multiple Videos:

Lastly, Clipman AI enables you to produce multiple videos from a single product’s URL.

How does Clipman AI work?

The Clipman AI works as follows:

Step One:

Select your desired template from the software’s library

Step Two:

Add the necessary particulars about your products or services to promote through the ad.

Step Three:

Edit your videos, depending on your needs. When they are OK, share them on FB for higher traffic on your site.


• User-friendly interface
• An affordable way of creating attractive video adverts
• Quality and professionally made templates
• Integrated with the majority of e-commerce podiums
• Integrated with FB


• Models aren’t very customizable
• Some people may take time before they are used to the user interface
• Rendered videos may fail to give the expected quality
• Can’t upload own videos


Although some people are finding the Clipman AI somewhat challenging using it, the majority are OK with it. The software comes with amazing features that not only save you time but also some bucks.

For drop-shippers that are utilizing Facebook as their primary traffic source, Clipman AI makes this process so effective. This tool is already integrated with FB and provides you with ready-to-use templates. So, you can produce numerous video adverts and upload them to Facebook with just some clicks. You can sign up and test out the Clipman AI free for seven days.

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