I’m convinced that everyone’s really just looking for a shortcut. Over the last 11 years of working with clients privately and in groups, the more I offer my products and services, the clearer I am that we all just want an easier way out. Well, not because we’re lazy; it’s more that we’re completely overwhelmed.

Half the time, I feel like I’m drinking from an information fire hose. If you’re anything like me, you’re bombarded, and I literally mean bombarded by information, all day long. There’s unwanted information (ads and pop-ups) and also WANTED information, stuff you asked for or paid for, and actually do want to get (like something you’re trying to learn to improve yourself or your business). I didn’t even mention the hundreds of emails I get per day that I can’t always respond to, even though my intention is there.

Problem is, we’re turning into an “attention deficit” society. Blame it on whatever you want (the media, the Internet, too many TV stations, spam, satellite radio channels, TiVO, etc.), we all don’t have enough attention to spread out to do everything we want, including the stuff we don’t. So we sometimes go into inaction mode and don’t do ANYTHING.

My motto has always been, “A strong focus now creates a different future later.” However, it’s getting harder to keep focused, harder to make decisions, and mental concentration on just ONE thing seems to be getting more and more rare (multitasking USED to be a good word in my book, but now I’m wondering if it’s actually detrimental to success).

But not just for me. For my prospects and clients too. I’m noticing the people I work with also have WAY TOO MUCH to pay attention to. In addition to their own clients, they’ve got families, responsibilities, email, bills, and personal and professional development they need to focus on. And we haven’t even talked about marketing yet. No wonder it’s the last thing they focus on!

I’ve noticed a trend. It’s called, “Help-me-I’m-overwhelmed-with-info-and-I-need-help-to-make-sense-of-it-all!” In an age when we all have instant access to a ridiculous amount of information, making sense of it all and putting it all into place seems to be the hardest thing. And then we beat ourselves up about it.

That’s where you can come in. You see, because your prospects are inundated, overwhelmed, and unable to really focus on what they want, your job can now become that of making sense of it all for them. You can help them carve out the time in their day to achieve what they want, cut their learning curve to its barest essential, while helping them put one foot in front of the other. That’s what I do, among other things.

If you can communicate that in your materials, you’ve got it made. Show prospects you’ve got a system, that it’s foolproof, that it’s clear and easy to follow and (of course) that they’ll get results from it—well, with that, you’re way ahead of the pack and you can almost guarantee your success.

If you can reassure clients that you’ve got the shortcut, and you’ll help them implement whatever it is they’re after, you win. And they win. And then you win again. Here’s what I mean. If you can show them it’s easy to work with you, then they sign up with you (you win). Because you help them make sense of it all, they start seeing great results (they win). Once they see great results because it was so clear-cut and easy, they can’t help but tell others about you in a Raving Fan manner (you win again because you get a ton of referrals and kick-butt testimonials that bring in new clients.)

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

Notice how you present what you offer. Is it convoluted? Does it seem like a TON of work? Are you making it easy for them or making it seem like they’ll work really hard and spend a lot of time doing it?

Start tweaking how you present what you do so that it becomes a paint-by-numbers approach. Show them that it’s really a step-by-step process, a one-step-in-front-of-the-other method. You’ve got nothing to lose in making everything simpler and everything to gain (lots of clients).

Step-by-step processes help clients get out of their own way and get you results quickly. Clients always tell me that, instead of feeling like they’re drinking from a fire hose of information, my materials are like drinking from a ladle. When creating a product, my goal is always on taking the FLOOD of information out there and laying it all out into a simple, easy to implement way that really gets results.

Author's Bio: 

Fabienne Fredrickson, The Client Attraction Mentor, is founder of the Client Attraction System, the proven step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to attract more clients, in record time...guaranteed. To get your F.R.E.E. Audio CD, visit www.ClientAttraction.com.