Designing a small new kitchen can be inspiring, But keep in mind the size of the kitchen as there are assured limitations . Here are the best ideas to maintain your small modular kitchen as organised.

1. Add a small table :

Restraint in a short table along with a few stools because there is no requirement for a separate dining room. Choose something that is light and apt it properly in a corner to reduce space.

2. Choose three colors :

Best trick to maintain small kitchens is to pick upto three colours for the kitchen because choosing many colors can create a small kitchen show overcrowded and smaller. Adhere to a solid colour scheme will also create your kitchen show more organised.

3. Break the rules:

Every kitchen architecture has its particular set of rules, but the best idea to break that architecture for the storage. even though large cabinets that cover-up the walls are the norm, Because a well structured window with plenty of storage beneath works best.

4. Highlight with an accent :

Just one color can create your kitchen seem bigger than it is, but sometimes featuring small parts of the kitchen with a brilliant colour to point up the spaciousness.

5. Marble that reflects:

Using marble should go with small kitchen because it reflects light and create the space shows larger. You can use other low expensive reflective materials should also used to change marble and have the same effect of marble.

6. Large windows:

There's nothing to having a less large windows in the kitchen to create it more airy and comfortable. Because it also allow more natural airs inside in. It reduces the unbearably hot inside.

7. Glass-fronted wall cupboards:

Small kitchens always welcome the glass-fronted wall cupboards and their space-enhancing, reflective etc. Shiny wall tiles should also help to increase the effect.

8. Let it hang :

Using the hanger to hang up lot things as much as possible to reduce on storage space. Because using the counter top for storage as it will give precious work space in the kitchen and create working in the kitchen is very tedious. Ensure to equip the kitchen with enough wall hooks for this purpose. Pots, pans and towels can also hung up on the wall.

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