If you want to get to people, no matter who they are, network to them. You know people. You also know people who know people who can get you through many doors. These are your resources. However, you have to stop and think, and search your mind to realize who and how many people you really know. If you don’t, you’ll say you don’t know anyone. Once you realize all the people you know, then, you’ll have to determine who the right contacts are to connect you with the decision makers you want to meet. Finally you’ve got to know what to say in order to get the right introductions.

When trying to reach a senior executive, etc., or while putting together your prospecting plan, phone someone you do know and ask for help, rather than cold calling, phoning or emailing someone you don’t know and trying to pitch. Reach out and people will rally to your aid. Ask for help and introductions and you’ll get them. Don’t ask and you won’t get them.

The people you know, that know the people you’d like to meet, can make your entry smooth and welcomed. Once you’re in, establish credibility and start developing a relationship. Then, ask this person for introductions to more and higher level people.

My motto is, “Spread like a virus through your customers’ and prospects’ organizations.” Use networking and everyone will know you. This will help your prospecting and selling effort tremendously.

However, there is a process to networking. Learn it and prospecting will be fun.

Common Situation

Cold Calling for Leads

Most people suffer the rejection and futility of cold calling because they hate to ask people they know for help.

Resulting Problem

Cold Calling is a Demotivator and Ruins Prospecting Efforts

People waste their time making cold calls. Sure every once in a while they get some interest, but the efficiency is terrible. They get nowhere slowly. Even worse, the constant rejection causes them to shy away from prospecting altogether. Consequently, sales slump and that makes them feel terrible. They become desperate and without knowing what else to do, they make more cold calls, and the downward rejection cycle continues. This is why sales people hate selling. There are two kinds of sales people. Those that hate to prospect, and those that say they like to prospect, but lie. That’s because they don’t use their network of resourceful people.

Check Yourself

Score: 4=Always; 3=Most Times; 2=Usually; 1=Sometimes; 0=Never.

1. When you’re prospecting or trying to get to more senior people, do you cold call those you’ve never met? ____

2. When you want to meet someone in a target account, do look for someone to introduce you? ____

Scoring: 2 - 1 = ??

Positive is good;

Negative means go to this Selling Problems & Solutions link for information about an 8-10 pages E-book with tips, suggestions and actions dedicated to handling this particular selling problem. You’ll also find a FREE E-book "Getting Past Gatekeepers and Handling Blocker" that will help you get to the key decision makers.

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