Sales have a beginning and an end, and you can adjust how much time is spent in between by making the right moves. Sales begin wherever you can get in, but always end with the power executives saying yes or no. What happens in between is a lot of due diligence work with subordinates and administrators. Even though these lower level people try to keep you at bay, your focus should always be to eventually get to the high influence executives because this is where your deal comes to a head. Here you’ll find out whether or not there will ever be a sale, and if so, what you’ll have to do to win. Subordinates can never give you that information accurately, and that’s why sales cycles take so long.

Common Situation

The prospect seemed interested. You find a prospect and you explain what you have. She may even tell you what she wants. You give a presentation and some pricing. Then you wait, and wait, and wait some more.

Resulting Problem

Nothing happens, phone calls are not returned. This person, and this person alone, is now in full control of your success with this opportunity. You have not set up other points of entry so you’re stuck with her. If she doesn’t want to run it up to the ultimate decision maker or past her boss, or if she gets some resistance, you’re toast. You haven’t interviewed others for their perspectives or their help to get you to the leader. So you don’t know what to do to get it moving. Besides even if it did get moving you won’t know what the winning factors would be.

Check Yourself
Score: 4=Always; 3=Most Times; 2=Usually; 1=Sometimes; 0=Never.

1. When your initial contact asks for a presentation or quote, do you typically provide it and then wait for her to get back to you before moving forward?

2. Do you interview a bunch of people at different management levels before the quote and/or presentation?

Scoring: 2 – 1 = ??

Positive is good;

Negative means go to this Selling Problems & Solutions 2 link where you can purchase an 8-10 pages E-book with tips, suggestions and actions dedicated to handling this interested but not buying, long sales cycle situation and problem.

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