The three primary levels of the mind are the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the super conscious mind. The super conscious mind contains our blueprints for this lifetime, a high degree of energetic input, and our connection to our higher guidance. It builds and houses the permanent understandings we are meant to learn such as integrity, honor, joy, peace, trust, surrender, love, compassion, loyalty, truthfulness, honor, service, unconditionality, no-judgment and more.

The conscious mind, of course, contains our conscious thoughts. It is the part of our mind we can assign the tasks which will help us function in the physical world. Typically, the mind gets stuck in mental loops, habitually recreating old programs. I reiterate Deepak Chopra’s teaching that we think tens of thousands of thoughts every day. Approximately 96% of the thoughts we think are the same thoughts we thought the day before and the day before that and the day before that. Some of the thoughts may not even be ours. Some may be the result of unconsciously connecting with the collective unconscious, past life programming or even genetic programming born of our ancestors who may have been quite a bit less evolved than we like to think we are today.

The subconscious mind holds core beliefs, patterns and energies which are largely unconscious and fully illusionary. Here we store memory traces and pictures which will pull us into habituated loops and programs….yesterday’s thoughts.

Paradoxically, understanding is immaterial to the breaking of the cycle. These repetitive thought patterns are recordings in the mind, programs in the brain and neutral energy patterns in your field; it would do no good to understand them or try to rationalize them away. Imagine trying to hold a conversation with a message on your voice mail. It would be pointless. You could talk to it all day, understand it fully, and still the message would not change. What it takes to break the loop is the awareness of it and a willingness to surrender it. It is antiquated information which you no longer need, a repetitious cycling of an old egoic structure. Surrender is the key.

The mind has a tremendous amount of energy which, when used properly, can assist us in creating exactly what we want to manifest in our lives. Our thoughts create our core beliefs which create our emotions which energetically create thought forms or elementals which then create energetic patterns. At some point in our spiritual evolution, we must step up and discipline our thoughts. We must interrupt the process of mental loops and negative thinking and affirm the positive. This is not done in the spirit of suppression, but in the spirit of choice and awareness.

Aware Use of the Mind

First, we must remember that we are not the mind. Remember, the mind acts as the computer software to program the brain, relay patterns in the body and send messages out into our environment. It is a servo-mechanism. What is often forgotten is that we are the consciousness that operates the mind, not the other way around. It is as if we were sitting in front of the computer, day after day, giving it instructions to assist us in what we want to accomplish and…we began to forget…we allowed the computer to become the one in charge. Similarly, somewhere along our evolutionary journey, we forgot that we are the consciousness that operates the mind and allowed the mind to take charge. Gradually, the mind took over until we became the tool of the mind. I invite you to take back your autonomy; reclaim your divinity. When you notice that the mind is running the show, remember this: “I am not that mind. I am the consciousness that operates the mind.” When unbidden thoughts come in, assert: “I am not those thoughts. I am pure awareness.”

Secondly, we must bring the three levels of our mind into congruence. Incongruence sends conflicting messages into the world, conflicting intentions, which effectively cancel each other out. For example, if someone desires, on a conscious level, to manifest wealth, but believes, on an unconscious level that he is unworthy of wealth, these two thought waves are both transmitting into the world. Since these thought waves are diametrically opposed, they cancel each other out. The person then wonders why he does all the right things and the money just doesn’t flow in. We must examine our thoughts and find out if any of them are sabotaging our efforts. If so, refute them. Deny their reality; deny their power. They may seem logical, right and truthful; the egoic mind is a master at justification and rationalization. It doesn’t matter. We must eliminate all false or limiting thoughts to move into truth and power. Once refuted, deeply and sincerely affirm the truth, the thought you are choosing to reinforce.

Third, we must create space in the levels of our mind in which productive thoughts can flourish. Clear all the sabotaging thoughts which you have discovered. It will also be extremely useful to clear and separate from all others’ thoughts, energy and influence. It can be astounding how thoroughly and unconsciously we are guided by others. Release all fixed opinions and all others’ energy and thoughts. Release, clear and separate from the collective unconscious, world thought, your genetic and ancestral lines, your past life programming, your family, your business associates, your friends, your racial thought form, your national thought form, and your religious thought form. This, of course, is in no way intended to encourage you to turn your back on these people; it is intended to encourage you to cut energetic cording and reclaim your own autonomy. Keep using the God Force Essence to dissolve and your vortexes and vacuums to clear out any and all thoughts until your mind contains only the thoughts that you are choosing to think. This is the beginning of a creative mind, a still mind, a mind at peace.

Fourth, when you then direct your mind to follow through with a specific manifestation, act upon that intention and direct your energy into that which you wish to create. Take the physical actions necessary to integrate the manifestation into the physical plane. Put physical energy behind the mental energy. And, the more focused that energy is, the more powerful it becomes.

This creates new brain pathways and patterns, creating new habits in the body and new messages transmitted into the world resulting in new manifestations. Our thoughts determine the movement of our brain waves. Beta pattern waves, which are what we use during normal ordinary activities, are fast. When the waves are slowed to alpha and theta, the conscious mind becomes calm and able to enlist the assistance of the subconscious mind. In this state, our abilities to create, and also to heal, become magnified.

But to become truly powerful and aware, we must still the mind completely. We do this by extracting our attention from the mind and placing it into a clear space of awareness.

Within the body lies the consciousness of the inner body. Choose to put your awareness on the inner body. Choose to focus exclusively on the inner body consciousness. Don’t try to escape the body by pursuing out of body experiences; you will go farther if you go more deeply into it. If there is physical pain, go deeper; release the layers of underlying emotions, and go deeper still. Keep going deeper and deeper through all the layers until you feel the blissful vibrations of the inner body. The outer form may continue to clamor for your attention. Love it and fill it with the Light of Compassion and go deeper within. No matter what is occurring with the outer physical form, no matter what is happening in your outer world, maintain awareness of the inner body. Don’t allow the outer, the impermanent, to pull you out of this awareness. Bring awareness to everything in the outer. Practice functioning within it. Discovering oneness and awareness externally is temporary. The discovery of oneness and awareness from within is lasting.

As you do this, you stand at the doorway to enlightenment…it is within. As you do this, you stop the forward march of linear time in the body, bringing more consciousness into the cells. The cells and the DNA are brought into the perfection of pure consciousness. Illness and pain cannot exist within consciousness. Aging is slowed within consciousness. Linear time ceases to exist as you move into a space of no time. Within the clarity of no time, the psychological forward march ceases, the mind becomes still.

The highest mind is the calm mind which is in trust and awareness. To demonstrate spiritual power, never look back. The past is non-existent. Move forward on your path with clarity and intention. Be at peace in the present moment, in tune with the inner consciousness, and the future will unfold itself in magnificent harmony. You realize you never were nor will you ever be…you simply are. You can say with the purest clarity, “I AM!”

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Pamela Arwine has authored and created dozens of meditation CDs which address myriad levels and aspects of the evolutionary journey we are all traveling. From physical healing to karma, from emotional issues to the bliss of enlightenment and Oneness, Pamela intends to help one achieve clarity and healing on all levels, systematically stripping away the blocks to the remembrance and manifestation of one’s true holy nature. This work is supported by private sessions, workshops and classes.

Founder of Lemurian Light Healing and Quantum Healing Energetics, Pamela has 14 years experience as a spiritual healer, counselor and instructor. She brings to this work her extensive training in an effective blend of alternative modalities which include successful certification in Quantum Quest Spiritual and Intuitive Counseling and Holistic Healing, Usui Reiki (Master Teacher), Karuna® Reiki (Master Teacher) Rubenfeld Synergy™ Method, Akashic Records Reading, Advanced Clinical Metaphysical Hypnotherapy, Thought Field Therapy and Gestalt Therapy. Her classes, CDs and private sessions have helped countless people transform their lives in beautifully profound ways.

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