I think that about 50% of all clients requests I have received during last years are about different relationship issues. After doing some initial energetic analysis in most cases there are negative energies between involved people.

These negative energies can come from many sources. The most popular one is past lives. People meet together to release their shared karma. In this case every time I check basic information about this situation: how many lives people shared and how many of them “produced” negative energies or karma.

These lives can be researched. We can find out who we were in this lives, when they happened, where we lived then ( in the Earth or in other place), what happened we carry these energies and at the end what these energies are. Then I ask Higher Self to clear these negative programs and energies and fill the life with Light and Love.

Clearing such negative emotional energies in every shared life we can remove many problems and issues in relationship. Remember, what makes problem are not the events we experienced in past lives but emotional energies we attached to these events. So it is so important not to carry on any negative emotions and release them as soon as possible.

Sometimes such karmic relationship is more complex and involves more than 2 people. We need to research such situation carefully because it happens that there’s another person involved in this relationship who acts like some kind of bridge between first 2 people. If the past lives experiences were really painful and traumatic, such third person can be “hidden” by subconscious mind. It requires some experience to work with more complex cases.

Many problems are also caused by different types of beings/entities and thought forms (individual and collective ones) staying in auras or being attached to aura and/or chakras. It is the topic for separate article in the future.

Author's Bio: 

Mariusz Kozlowski is experienced spiritual healer. For more then 15 years he has offered his services for people both in Poland and abroad. His primary healing modality are: Spiritual Response Therapy, Theta Healing, Angelic Healing, Ama Deus and Shamanism. All work is done on-distance.

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