When a client presents to me with fibromyalgia or rheumatoid-type pain, here is what I say first:

“I DO feel your pain! I suffered with acute fibromyalgia for over a year… coupled with chronic fatigue. I finally decided I was going to get well… so I called in the information. Within two months I’d lost 20 pounds, the pain was completely gone, I had my energy back, and my memory returned and hair stopped falling out.

Here are a few things you can do right now for yourself:

• Every day spend at least 30 minutes in nature, and either sit on the ground or walk barefooted with your feet or some body part touching the earth. The electro-magnetics of our dear planet have a wonderful healing effect and we’ve cut ourselves off from that wearing rubber or plastic insulators on our feet and building homes with insulated floors. Now you are getting fresh air, natural grounding, and hopefully some sunshine, because the Vitamin D3 in the sun can support your body’s immune system as it also lowers your cholesterol.
• Next look at your diet. Are there some days when you feel worse than other days? Simple food combining can make a huge difference, as well as looking at what you may have developed sensitivities around. So, remember these rules:
• you can eat fruits plus vegetables,
• you can eat proteins plus vegetables,
• you can eat starches plus vegetables,
• do NOT make other combinations… and,
• check everything in your pantry and refrigerator for MSG and high fructose corn syrup. Throw out everything with these ingredients.
• Evaluate your intake of grains such as wheat and corn… especially their refined derivatives such as flour, corn starch, corn syrup. You may have developed a sensitivity to gluten or an allergy to certain grains. If you must eat these, then make sure they are Organic, because many people are becoming sensitive to GMO/ genetically modified foods, and since these are not always marked, going Organic is the safest way to protect yourself. There is a very good chance that if you follow these six guidelines, your pain will lessen or disappear completely.
• Many people with serious rheumatoid arthritis find that their symptoms go away when they exercise the toxins out of their joints & systems and allow the bones to gain strength through the pressure of exercise. I’ve known dancers who completely go off of their meds just because they dance for a couple of hours each weekend. Walking is good too.
• And finally, you say that you have children, pets, a mate, a job, or other “regular life” stressors, and you probably are feeling lots of stress. Sounds like you need some good nurturing. Maybe a “mom’s morning out” with a good friend, or a good massage, or a hot date with your honey would be good for you. Even a “well day” off of work might help. Stress is the #1 cause of ALL degenerative disease. Stress is the #1 cause of body pH imbalance… which causes pain and rheumatoid-type symptoms. Need I say more?? The energy therapy coaching work that I do can teach you simple methods to clear your stress so that you can enjoy your life… and naturally clear the pain.

So, these are all things that YOU can do for yourself without the help of any general practitioner MD, specialist, therapist, etc.”

After this general natural self-nurturing advice, I then provide the information about how meridian-based energy therapy modalities can help to clear the stress and underlying causes of why the person manifested the condition in the first place. I enjoy working to clear the symptoms first, and it is especially gratifying to me when I see the client doing this for him or herself!

You may contact me directly for more information! All of this really DOES work!

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Anne Merkel is a Certified Whole Person Wellness Coach, Energy Psychologist utilizing NET and EFT, and doctoral student of classical Naturopathy. She works with clients world-wide in-person and by phone or SKYPE. Learn more at: http://ArielaGroup.com or http://MyEFTCoach.com , or call 706-374-6460.