When you first get a crystal it will need cleansing because it will have picked up many energies on its way to you. There are several ways of doing this. It can be left in full sunlight for a day, also in full moonlight. Running water is good, fresh water, streams, rivers. Visualization of the crystal in a mountain stream or flooded with white light, is also a good way. Your intent should be pure and good, when using water do not use hot or warm water. Always cleanse after it has been used in any sort of healing and when you want to re-program it.

The only crystal that can be programmed is quartz. First make sure your crystal is cleansed. Sit in a quiet place and still your mind. Think clearly about what thought you want the crystal to hold, take a deep breath, holding the crystal in your left hand, blow your intention onto the crystal. This is a very powerful way to program the crystal. You can program a crystal to help you do most things. Try and use different crystals for separate things. Use one for healing, one for information storage, one for music, etc.

Crystals need to be charged up, somewhat like a car battery. The way to do this is very similar to cleansing. Again in the sun, under the moon, any holy place, by stream or river. Leave as long as you feel is right. Don't leave them in draws or dark places, they like to be out in the open to work to their full potential.

Usually worn around the neck, stimulating the thyroid and increasing the efficiency of the immune system. Also assists the respiratory system and sore throats. When the crystal is pointing down it is grounding, soothing and calming. Giving energy to all systems. When the crystal is pointing towards this strengthens the spirit and gives a general uplift. A double terminated crystal (pointed at both ends) is excellent to use as it balances the two, giving a combination of both.

All crystals need to be treated with respect and love. If they are used as a tool, do so with humility and gratitude. In choosing a crystal, it is necessary to find one that vibrates in harmony with the self and with the specific purpose for which you are bringing it into your life. Like attracts like. Each human and each crystal has its own vibration.
In front of you is a tray of crystal quartz and others. Look at them. Feel them. There are a number of ways to know which is right for you. Instant rapport - is there one that you are instantly drawn to? Strong energies - move your hand over the top and feel the energies from each and see which one you are drawn to. Physical attraction - is there one that you really like the look of and must pick it up and feel it?

Now you have your quartz crystal, what do you do with it? It now needs to have the outside cleansed. The best way to do this is with water. This cleans the outside of the vibrations of its travels from the miner to the buyer to the importer, to the wholesaler, etc. It also needs cleaning when it is dirty, dusty or has body oil on it from handling. Just as you need a shower or bath on a regular basis, so does your crystals. Many also like to bathe in the light of moon. My preference is the moon rather than the sun. All your crystals like to be cleansed, be it quartz or gemstones.

Quartz crystals store vibrations that come from sound, light, touch, emotions, other bodies, physical environment and effects those coming in contact with the crystal. Thus, they need to be cleared before working with them after they have been used; when it appears to lack vitality or looks dull; and to neutralize internal programs. Please remember that they are an energy storage device. To clear, you will hold the quartz in your hands and pulse with the mental intent to clear. Crystals are also programmed with the use of pulse breath. Both the clearing and programming are done with quartz crystals only as the colored stones have their own innate programs. When humans and quartz crystals work together, the crystal becomes a very sensitive and precise tool. They accumulate the intentions/programs of the user; magnify and amplify them; focus them and feed them back to the environment. When we program, the crystal is keyed to our personal vibration and thus it becomes an extension of self. The storage of programs in a crystal is similar to the storing of data on a computer chip.

to use crystals effectively one needs to have a centered state of mind from which to work. Crystals amplify whatever energies are around them so whatever you are feeling may well be enchanced when crystals are close by. To balance is not to make yourself neutral, rather you are entered with your feelings so that your emotions are balanced. Balance means you are feeling without allowing them to control, overwhelm or distract you from your intent. If, at any time you have difficulty in achieving or maintaining your center, put your crystals aside and return to them later. There are many ways to achieve centering. Here are but four. I suggest you try each, then use those which serve you best.

A calm and silent mind can reach into any universe. To begin, take a few slow, deep breaths and allow your body to relax into a comfortable position. Beginning with your feet, tense the muscles tightly and hold them for 10 seconds, then relax. Then, in sequence, repeat this action all the way up your body; your calves, thighs, buttocks, back, chest, arms, hands, neck, face, and scalp. Breath into each part as you go. On the in-breath you draw life to yourself. The out breath allows release to occur, here is your opportunity to dump the stress your body holds. When this part is done, go inwards to your own space and begin to imagine. Your imagining may take you into a forest, among the clouds, an enchanted garden maybe. The objective is to create a mood of tranquillity and peace. Once you have created your calmness, your crystal work may begin.

Bathing is an act of cleansing the body and soul. When done intentionally for balancing it is very effective indeed! Take time out to enjoy a warm bath or shower. Water not only washes away the grime, it will calm a worried mind of stress when done as a sacred and deliberate act. Use bath salts and candles as one pleases. Feel deeply its warmth and wetness and allow it to soothe your unsettled mind.

To go about bare foot is to always be connected to earth. It is a sad fact that too many of us wear shoes to often and are insulated from grounding to the earth. Take a walk bare foot on the bare earth. There are definite balancing effects that are created when doing this. Its like drinking fresh spring water or the warmth of the sun. To walk in the open, anywhere that pleases you will do just fine. Your objective is to center, your activity is movement and extroversion. By placing your attention outwardly onto the environment, you connect with physical reality and your own universe will assume a more balanced prospective.

Breathing is the beginning and end of your life. The depth and quality of your every day life has everything to do with how you breath. In centering it is used as a means to achieve your focus and empower your intention. Understand that breathing is the most fundamental of the bodies actions you have control of. This fact gives us power when realized and applied. To use it for centering, take three long, slow, deep but comfortable breaths, intend by self command yourself to become balanced. The skills of centering and balance are rarely taught to us as children, so as adults we often need to break life long habits of stress as well as remembering to breath deep. Centering may seem difficult at first, but like any new activity, familiarity comes with practice. There will come a time when entered is a description for your life and very little will upset your being.

To cleanse a crystal is to strip away static and accumulated charge that the stone has picked up while in use. Because of the different virtues of each stone type, some will need more attention than others. For example citrine very rarely needs cleansing because of its particularly extroverted energy flow. Malachite however is very receptive to energy absorption (in fact this is how it works, by drawing into it's self the energy around it) and it is recommended to clean malachite regularly.

You will often know by it's feel or emotive response. Train your intuitive sense to feel for a mis-emotion, turbulence or dullness in the stone. It may look cloudy or dull in color, waxy, sometimes even ugly. If the stone is being used for healing, cleansing should be considered following each session. Personal stones that are worn often and intentionally for empowerment purposes will also require a regular routine. If you expect to get optimum results from crystalline techniques you will be using, keep them running clear and strong. There are lots of ways to cleans, i suggest you choose at the time the most appropriate for each occasion. You will find what works for you, you will also come up with a few of your own ways too.

BY EARTH. To bury a stone is to take it home. The symbolism it implies is perfect for the deep cleansing that this means gives. Dig a hole well into the earth (in a safe spot). Place the stones point upward, then cover it over. Water the hole well, then fill it with soil completely. This will ensure good earthly contact. It should rest there for at least 10 days.

WITH WATER. If you have a stream (any clear running water) near by, place your crystals in a cloth pouch and tie it securely in the waters flow. Even 10 minutes is helpful but 24 hr's is far better. An hour in a glass under dripping tap, under a fall of water on a rainy day, or even a rock pool at the beach. Any source of clean water fresh or salty will do.

A CLUSTER OR GEODE of clear quartz or amethyst is the go for jewelry and other delicate pieces. When you are not actually using a crystal assign its home on the cluster. I recommend a cluster as big as your budget can possibly muster or at least one the size of a saucer. The cluster itself will require attention from time to time so keep a thought for it to.
BY SMUDGING. The use of smoke to cleanse crystals is a tradition of the American Indian Shaman. Smoke permeates the etheric and is able to 'dissolve' ambient charge in an environment. It is a particularly useful means of cleansing (both crystal and oneself) when incorporated within a sacred routine or ritual.

USING SEA SALT. Fresh plain sea salt will draw charge like a poultice from the crystal. You need enough salt to cover the whole crystal within a jar. A few drops of water to get good contact then leave it be for at least 3 days. It's quite a wasteful means as the salt can be used but once for this.
USE INTENTION AND YOUR OWN CHI ENERGY. This means is by far the most direct and instant solution. Providing you have developed your sense for managing personal energy, it is quick and very effective. It is a combination of certainty and intention, (a focused mind with a clear crystal in sight) directed breathing (slow and long to build power then command a blow like a freak gust of wind) and a pulse of energy pressed, all elements at one time.

Crystals accumulate, hold steady and emit energy charges. Generally speaking, the larger a crystals physical mass, the greater it's clarity, fewer internal or surface fractures it has, the larger it's overall energy capacity will be.
Exceptions to this would include crystals that have been worked with extensively by an experienced individual, those crystals which have been 'en-lightened' by spiritual intervention and those that are members of matched sets of grid work crystals. A crystals given charge is the feel you get from it as it radiates. As you will see, the different 'moods' and dynamics that can be used are as perfect and quiet as a rose flower or as mighty and as loud as a storm.
A soul mate to quartz, the pyramid. They are coupled by geometric relationships at the twilight of physical time. These two do complement each other with perfection. Place your crystal at the center for charging of the stone and greater activation of the pyramid.
A quality geode of amethyst cut in 2 provides a wonderful recluse for well used crystals. Large amethyst clusters and geodes are excellent for both cleansing and charging purposes. I recommend to healers this means. It can handle a constant demand providing the cluster is it's self cared for.
for those of you who use crystal circles, you will experience the very magnified fields they create. Using the center of a quartz crystal grid work as a charge area will give an intense quartz charge.
Exposure to environment sources will create a response in a crystal. Put your moonstone to blue moon, or your diamond to the sun. The rhythms of nature and the rising tide can each be helpful, they all inspire.
Leave a crystal in an energy vortex, a sacred place or those areas filled with positive vib's.
The abundance of freshness can be captured from a waterfall or the beauty of a field of daffodils. Just like the recall of a fond moment in time, a crystal can replay any vibration you wish to inlay.
Charging a stone with your own energy is also a skill you will come to know. In the same way on clears a crystal with intent and breath, you can charge a stone with any concept or feel you can hold focused in mind.

Activation is distinctly different to charging. Charging is the renewal of energy stored within the stone. Activation is the expression of the crystals overall capacity and energy spectrum range. It's like a turbo charger added to an engine, an 'active' crystal is functioning at expanded levels of performance. As crystalline technology unfolds, the means to stimulate increasingly higher functions of purpose will be realized, but for the present there are known means to catalyze activation.
Exposure to very high or low temperatures. This must be done under well controlled conditions. Gradually is the key to avoid thermal shock, and a fractured crystal.
Extreme weather conditions such as lightning storms and blizzards will catalyze a stone.

Placing a crystal in the focal zones of strong electromagnetic devices such as tesla coils, plasma spheres or electrostatic generators will excite the crystal into greater activity. Laser light and magnetic are also known to amplify the responses fro crystals.

The most potentially effective means at this time is to set the chosen crystal at the center of a 12 point grid work. Place a capstone pyramid over the center to complete the array. Each day for 7, spend time focusing on the activation concept with the crystal. Definitely invite the greater consciousness to participate in the process. By the truest will, greatness may dwell here.

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I am Rob Weesner, Owner of crystals by rob. I have been collecting crystals for about 20 years. I started using crystals as a tool of healing about 15 years ago and also at that time had started up my website. On my website you will find the many properties of gemstones listed there with there metaphysical healing properties.