In modern times, stress and overwork has been clearly linked to exacerbated health challenges.  The international happiness index also shows a direct correlation between work-life balance.  Workers are often expected to put into 40-50 hours per week to reach basic income needs, which has been true for quite some time.  However, even those who manage to make increased income are often on the hook for far over 40 hour work weeks.  Here are a few things that help with this problem:

  • Meditation: this is a great practice to reduce the active energization required for working long days, getting home, and handling all home tasks. The body is not meant to be charged up continuously with few breaks.  By taking a pause and letting the body truly simmer down – this gives us back a replenished feeling.  You don’t even have to meditate for very long to get the results.  5-10 minutes can change everything, and a 20-minute lunch break with this calming practice can revitalize your health, or make sure it never crashes in the long run
  • Delegate tasks: There comes a point in time when should you give up some of the most basic tasks like mowing the yard, painting the house, or doing anything related to cleaning.  In fact, finding a great housekeeper, maid, or a verified great residential house cleaning service can change your entire existence.  After that, you barely have any house work to do.  You can then focus on doing things like healthy cooking, or deep relaxation time.
  • Get out more: Living in a constant rut doing the same basic activity patterns is harder on the mind and body than you think.  By changing up your routine, you will allow new triggers for dopamine and the retention of serotonin.  There are tons of chemicals and hormones acting in your body such as adrenaline, testosterone, estrogen, and cortisol, which are constantly telling your body that you are in a stress state.  The only way to get rid of the smaller stress layers is to break the habit of life we have created.  A day in the park, a walk by the river, a good time with friends: these things actually reset the stress palate in our body.  Don’t be afraid to let go a little, and when doing those relaxing or invigorating activities, really allow yourself to feel free and clear.
  • Remember to make time for you: It’s easy to get pulled in every direction chosen by other people.  It is essential to allow yourself to be yourself.  To truly be in a state of harmony requires some attention, but you deserve it because life is a challenge and your personal batteries need to be recharged.  By spending some quality time alone, you don’t have to be on guard, or make accommodation for others.
  • Too much aloneness is not good either: We are social creatures, even as loners, its determined that some social contact is deeply healthy for almost everyone.  There are certain chemicals of the mind that do not get activated until we are around other people, especially people we like, know, or trust.  If you are too isolated, there are many ways to get out and meet new people.  It’s tricky at first, but keep pushing the edge, and you’ll get the hang of it.

Remember this: eating clean, having a sanitary home with clean bathrooms and kitchens free of mold, and taking care of your physical, mental, and social needs will go a long way in making life feel better, and keeping your future bright.  Working hard is a good thing, but balance is essential!

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