Cleaning a wooden floor is a complicated job, especially if it has a wax or oil layer on it. This layer can be damaged with the least touch with water. Green soap offers a solution when cleaning your wooden floor.

Why a wooden floor?

A wooden floor has many advantages but is usually chosen for its appearance. In recent years, all kinds of new types of wooden floors and improved laying methods have been added, so that a floor nowadays meets your wishes even better.

Also, a wooden floor is durable and will last for years. In addition to the sustainable aspect, it is good for the appearance of the room in question to have a wooden floor.

Many people, therefore, opt for a wooden floor, especially in the attractive living room. However, maintenance can be quite a job!

Wooden floor maintained

A wooden floor can be cleaned very easily with the vacuum cleaner, this removes most of the dirt. When you mop the floor it becomes a bit more difficult. Many wooden floors are finished with a layer of wax, oil or varnish. This layer can be damaged if you mop as usual.

Green soap offers a solution. It is not intended that a wooden floor be mopped weekly, but with green soap, the floor can still be mopped several times a year. Below we explained how you can best clean a wooden floor with green soap or active care.

If you want to clean your wooden floor, always use the materials and cleaning agents from your supplier. When purchasing your wooden floor you have received cleaning advice and you may have brought the cleaning supplies into your home.

In addition to the weekly cleaning with the vacuum cleaner and wet mop, a major cleaning action is required. Usually once every quarter.

Do you follow the tips above, but are you already too late? Sometimes due to chronic lack of time or busyness, you are unable to regularly clean your beautiful wooden floor.

Soapy water or vacuum cleaning no longer works. It is time for the heavier work namely sanding the wooden floor or putting the floor in a dark varnish.

You may want to try something different and give your wooden boards a lick of paint. A floor with a whitewash appearance immediately gives the rooms a completely different look.

Cleaning the wooden floor with green soap

First of all, the floor mustn't be mopped for three weeks when a layer of wax, oil or varnish has been applied. Also, the wooden floor must be thoroughly vacuumed before mopping is started.

Then fill a bucket with warm water and do not add any harsh green soap. Use too little soap than too much. Too much soap can damage the top layer.

Tip: Follow the instructions on the packages for the correct amount.

Then it is important to wring the mop well. You can use a second bucket as a wringing bucket to reduce the chance of water falling on the floor.

Mop the floor and let it dry well after mopping. It is good to know that green soap also slightly damages the top layer. This means that you have to put a floor in wax, varnish or wax every few years. If you want in-depth guides on floor cleaning please follow resources.

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