We all know that marinating a good posture is the most important thing for us. It gives us the most health benefits, so many people know to stay keen on fixing this thing in them. By fixing your posture, you look at food and have health issues resolved too, which eases migraines, brings in more oxygen flow in the body, and more. 

A back brace for posture is just the ideal option that you can use to change the muscle memory and not also let any remedy interfere in your everyday routine. It helps your spine to get straight with time. Posture braces are even more interesting because they evolved from those braces designed to treat breaks and clavicle fractures. 

Clavicle vs Posture Braces:

Most orthopaedic brace retailers started marketing clavicle braces like posture supported when a dual-use was found for clavicle support. But a few features are different from clavicle braces, which aren't ideal for posture support. Here is a post explaining all about clavicle vs posture braces. 

What are posture braces and their benefits?

These braces are used for correcting and also improving posture. Their health benefits include giving you a correct posture with time for more energy levels, prevention and alleviation, more confidence, and release from chronic back problems. 

The design for these braces is made after that of Figure 8 Clavicle Brace having its backpack resembling design focusing on pulling the shoulder muscles to the back for more immobilization. 

These have shoulder padding that is only 1.5" think that makes its posture brace a lot less cumbersome and a lot more comfortable under your armpits. The front adjustment lets you make these braces a lot loose or tight all by yourself. 

You can wear them starting from just 30 minutes a day to increase the duration to 3 hours gradually. You can wear it in little to mild physical activities as well. The posture corrector braces are well enough to let you enjoy the freedom of function and improve the overall posture. 

Clavicle braces and how they are a back posture corrector?

These braces are one of the most commonly used braces for broken bones, mainly among younger kids playing higher impact sports. These braces help keep your collarbone part immobilized after a fracture so that this bone may heal. 

These braces wrap around your shoulders and the neck to hold your shoulders on the back and keep your clavicle stable. The smaller size is 2" inch straps, whereas the medium is XL, a 3" inch strap. These straps are a lot thicker to stabilize the collarbone. 

This is the overall analysis of clavicle vs posture braces which will help you pick the right one. You will always enjoy having enough freedom in maintaining your posture and building up a healthy body. 

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