“How smart or dumb you are depends on where you’re standing,” said Burt Reynolds in Smokey and the Bandit. We do not always have the ability to think clearly or understandingly. In fact, it would be unfair to analyze others when we ourselves do not have a stable and harmonious balance in our own lives.

Remember, our own life experiences are not nearly as wide as we think they may be and do not mirror every individual around us. Not all (of us) can understand what or how something is affecting another if we are not standing in that individual’s shoes; primarily because we come from different backgrounds, different cultures and different lifestyles. We mirror each other only in that we breathe, live, love and coexist. We can only find clarity in what is happening in our own lives and how we are being affected by our own choices.

If you are clear in mind, body and spirit, you can begin to not only see the bigger picture for yourself but for those around you and in the environment which you share. Ever heard that phrase how one man’s trash is another’s treasure? Or, in another case, how one man’s loss is another man’s gain? We cannot always see eye to eye on all issues, but when we start to clean up our own backyards, then we can work together to salvage and bring balance to all of our relationships. Think of your mind as a window. When you pull up the shades on the panes, you shed light on all that is around you. You are able to see all the areas that need clearing, cleaning, and dusting. You are also able to see all the beauty that surrounds you. Having an open mind (or an open window) to the world around you gives you a sense of heightened awareness that makes things brighter, lighter and injects insight into the darkness (or the sorrows of your mind).

Having clarity and vision are gifts that are not only enlightening, but powerfully useful when exploring your dreams, communicating your goals, and achieving them. Let the light shine through the panes of your mind so that you too, can begin to truly understand how the flow of Universal energy works in your life.

Until we speak again, I am
Joan Marie, your Intuition Girl

© Clarity-It does a Body good — 2012
By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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