What are you asking for? When you go to a drive-thru (for me Starbucks - thank you! ) do you say give me what you want me to have or I'll take maybe a this or maybe a that. Nope! And if you did, who the heck knows what you would get later? You think it through, decide, ask, and it is given.

Same with your business and success!

This week I had a client that was frustrated. She is such a lovely human being. You meet her, you melt, and you want more. I could feel she was distant and - long story short - as we spoke and as her concerns were voiced, magic happened.

She needed more foundations, she wanted some opportunities, and had some specific concerns. Once she was clear and asked for those things - BOOM! I began to rattle off everything we were going to give her, programs I was going to send her, and some specific paths to exposure.

I have to admit, I could tell she was a little surprised and then actually delighted! Ask and it is given! Every time...

But that giving has to start first from clarity. She had to know she needed more, she had to step up and ask, and here is the best part... YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE THE ANSWER! You just need to be clear about asking.

She had no idea about the outcome; frankly, I think she may not have known there could be one of high value, BUT she asked. Also, she took me up on all of it. See many of you ask, then it is given, and you say - oh, no, that's not it. I want something else, or this must not be the answer. When you ask and opportunity appears, you must grab it! You must take that opportunity and go! Be open.

* Are you asking the Universe for help, support, and signs?

* Are you asking your coach for what you need?

* Are you asking your spouse for support?

* Are you asking your clients to live up to their potential?

What are you not asking for? Ask and it is given.

(c) 2010 Suzanne Evans

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