Clairvoyance is a psychic ability that is retained by a few people to view the objects which are not visible or present to the senses of the normal individuals.

The term clairvoyance has the meaning “clear seeing” and this ability can also occur at the time an individual is conscious or when he or she is in a dream.

The revelation of this psychic ability and the clairvoyant information is just moderately challenging and with a little effort the presence of this ability can be dawned on the person.

The tings that are required for the revelation of the clairvoyant information or the abilities of the psychic are a screen and a deck of cards.

Look for the partners who are ready to lend a hand with you to test your clairvoyance. It is significant to partner with a person who ha s a skeptical approach and will not destroy the clairvoyant information. An eager friend is also harmful as he may reveal most if the information himself.

Then make sets of 25 cards each. Make five distinct shapes on each of the card triangle, circle, arrow, heart etc. then on the set of he next card create 5 divers colors i.e. yellow, blue, orange, green and red.

Test for the ability of clairvoyance by making use of one set of cards behind a wall or a screen. The client must not be capable of viewing the cards. Make a pile of the set of cards. Say loudly the number of the card sets like one two and go on.

The clients must put pen to paper their feedback of each and every card prior to moving to the subsequent. Then tally results if the cards and repeat the entire procedure at least four times.

Put pen to paper at least ten different geographic places on pieces pf paper and then take out the slips one by one and pay attention to the location. The client must concentrate and then describe their perception.

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