The following article is all about hiring a professional civil litigation lawyer in Sydney and the 5 types of legal disputes when you must hire one.

What do you mean by civil litigation? Well, it happens when one person wrongs another person in a non-criminal way. And one needs a proficient civil litigation lawyer in Sydney to resolve the issue. There is a huge difference between civil and criminal litigation cases. Whether you are the plaintiff or the defender, you must hire a lawyer with relevant experience in civil litigation cases. Wondering when to contact them? Well, we discuss the top 5 common civil litigation lawsuits in the following article.

When should you hire a civil litigation attorney?

Most people think that hiring a lawyer will be enough for a legal dispute. But that is not the fact. There are tonnes of lawyers having specialisation in different aspects and practice areas. Hence, one must hire a civil litigator when dealing with a civil lawsuit. And here are some common types of civil disputes:

1. Disputes related to properties:

Property dispute is one of the most common civil litigation cases people face. It usually happens when someone damages someone’s property or there are some ongoing issues about ownership of the property. There are several types of property disputes. And, one must hire a professional civil litigator to resolve the matter, regardless of its type.

2. Contract disputes or breaches:

This happens when two or more people sign a contract and one of the parties fails to fulfil their obligations. If you are dealing with something like this, you must hire a civil litigator. With years of experience, they will review the contract and do the needful to resolve it.

3. Class action cases:

This kind of dispute happens when a group of people get affected by something common. Often this can be a defective product produced by the same company that has caused physical harm to a group of people. Alongside that, it also includes hazardous activities at the workplace. In such scenarios, the accused manufacturer and employer must hire civil litigators to resolve the matter.

4. Tort cases:

The tort cases are more or less like the previous civil lawsuits. The only difference is that this is a person-person lawsuit rather than a class action. Tort cases occur when a person files a lawsuit against another person for causing physical or emotional harm to them. There are tonnes of tort cases related to the individual’s personal, financial and property-related security. And if you are dealing with any of that, hiring a civil attorney with litigation experience will be a must.

5 Complaints against the city or government:

You can hire a civil litigator if you have complaints against the city or government and they fail to resolve the matter. If some city laws are harming its citizens, they can file a lawsuit against the city. And a civil litigator can represent them in court to help them fight for their rights.

Are you dealing with any civil lawsuits or planning to file one? Instead of taking care of everything by yourself, hire a professional civil litigation lawyer in Sydney. Having many years of experience and expertise, they can be the best ones to help you. Cannot understand when should you hire one? This article with the above points may be of help.

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The author is a skilled civil litigation lawyer in Sydney. For years, he has helped many people to fight for their rights. Besides that, he also writes blog posts and articles at his leisure on various law-related topics to educate his readers.