Do you aspire to become an EFL/ESL teacher and work at various locations around the world? If yes, then a TEFL certification is all you need to teach internationally. TEFL which is an acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, is quite in demand around the world as English is being considered as the international medium for inter-cultural communication. Not only that, the language is being used extensively to establish and flourish corporate ties with other nations and to prevent having any language related barriers. The best place to get a TEFL certificate is our very own ‘City of Joy’. Teaching internationally as a profession has been since sought out for by those who have a penchant for teaching as well as travelling. TEFL is opening doors to interesting locations along with the prospect to earn attractive package.
There are a range of courses to polish you skills to become an EFL/ESL teacher. Ranging from an online TEFL certification, TESOL online degree, to in-class TEFL/ TESOL courses, there are many programs to choose from where one can get an International English Teaching Certificate. Other than teaching, pursuing the course also has early advantages as most in-class TEFL courses are situated in metro cities across the world. For example: in India, in-class TEFL courses include places like Kolkata, Bangalore, Kerala, New Delhi, Mumbai etc, which are considered top major tourist attractions. So, while pursuing the course you can also get the taste of the residing place. A TEFL/TESOL course in Kolkata offers you with the opportunity to explore and get mesmerised with the city’s culture, art, festivals and food. Kolkata, known as the ‘City of Joy’ or the ‘cultural hub of India’, enthrals visitors to find comfort in the warm affection and friendly nature of the people. While Pursuing a TEFL/ TESOL course to embark on a TEFL adventure, you can soak in the spirit of the city and what it has got to offer. Some of the contributing reasons for why you should visit Kolkata as an aspiring TEFLer are: You will find a lot of stunning and historical temples in and around the city; you will thank the stars if you got the chance to witness the city during Durga Puja. It is Kolkata’s main festival and during which the whole city transforms itself into the biggest open art exhibition; when in Kolkata, indulging in Bengali cuisine is one of the best things to do and don’t forget the sweets.
Travelling has its own advantages as it broadens your thinking and knowledge. If you are passionate about travelling, then you should pursue a TEFL course and be an English teacher abroad flexible to teach in any part of the world. Apart from travelling, an in-class TEFL course also provides a rare opportunity to indulge in a foreign culture. Kolkata welcomes all with a happy heart and a smiling face!

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