Wedding ceremonies are the most memorable moments both for the bride-groom and their families. A wedding is a concoction of various elements that makes it the best day of life for the bride and groom. The flower is one such element that makes that big day more aesthetic and graceful with its natural pleasing color, fragrance and fills the freshness within the wedding environment.

While planning a decoration theme for a wedding people rely on a city florist to get the flower of their choice that can suit their wedding theme and decoration. Florist supply stores usually work on pre-order bases, so it is advisable to make your order prior so that you can get an adequate fresh flower of your choices without making any compromises.

A flower is one of the most important elements of an Indian wedding. Flower garlands are exchanged between bride and groom, one of the most important traditions and practices followed in an Indian wedding, that gives an utter sense of gratification and happiness to the bride and groom and to the people witnessing it. That’s how flowers make the big day of a wedding mesmerizing and memorable.

Indian culture and ancient scriptures mention flowers to be sacred and an important element to be used in Vedic rituals, worshipping god, and auspicious events like wedding, engagement, baby shower, and many more. Flowers are used for decorating the mandaps, gates, for performing wedding rituals, and much more. City florists make such events memorable and beautiful by providing natural and fresh flowers.

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Whether you are looking for wedding flower garland (Phool mala/ var mala) or flower strings for the wedding, provides you best flower quality lashed with freshness and fragrance to make your wedding day mesmerizing and full of memories that will last lifelong.

The moment when the bride and groom exchange their garlands are the most overwhelming moments for both families and what makes it more beautiful and spending? None other than flowers. Family members show a flower and flower petals on the bride and groom that creates magical moments and eternal feelings where the bride and groom feel the utmost love. As flowers are considered the symbol to express love and feelings, it seems like they are exchanging and committing lifelong commitment for love, care, loyalty and support to each other through these flower garlands exchanged at a wedding.

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