The world has become a global village just because of fast extensive advancement in the field of information technology during the last couple of decades. Organizations are running their business throughout the world and many local companies have achieved the status of Multinational Enterprises (MNEs). They are performing operational activities in more than 1 country but managing them from their head offices. Moreover many local companies are also running their business branch wise and operating it from a single unit (head office). This is possible with the help effective communication network system. Becoming successful is not an easy task and cannot be achieved over the night. Success requires long term combine efforts by a group of people who are dedicated and good team player because individual from a different state of mind and intuition give their feedback about business plans, products and decisions. All these comments and feedback make it possible to conclude that either the decision is perfect or needs some improvement. Management always try to assign highly sensitive tasks to teams so that collective work may result in required output. This is compulsory for the team members to coordinate with each other effectively for that organization needs to develop such a mechanism that can provide support to communicate in true spirits.

Organizations cannot sustain without the comprehensive database containing all the critical information about business. The database shows true picture of business and decisions are made on the basis of facts and figures. Most of the time, a large number of personnel have access to the database through effective networking. Network administrators always try to find out the best network solution that can assist the users to perform efficiently even in most busiest hours. Cisco, being highly experienced and market-leader in providing network solutions has engineered catalyst 6500 series. This series offers multiple impressive features that make your experience as admirable while working on it.

Cisco catalyst 6500 Series is designed while keeping in mind the customer’s robust network requirements. This series delivers the industry-leading network services that extend support to achieve your organizational objectives and enhance employee’s productivity. You can avail the scalability feature as 3,4,6,9,9V and 13 slot modular chassis allow flexibility and room for future growth. This Cisco catalyst series delivers up to 2 terabits/second of system bandwidth capacity and 80 Gbps per slot for all slots. In a system configured for VSS, this series translates into a system capacity of 4 terabits per second. The Cisco catalyst 6500 enhanced series chassis can be capable of delivering up to 180 Gbps of per slot bandwidth. In a system configured for VSS, this series translates into a system capacity of 8 terabits per second. You can avail the full potential of this series with the Cisco catalyst 6500 series supervisor engine 2T. It delivers scale , secure and simplified management to help you address rising trends such as the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) workplace and collaboration.

The versatile Cisco catalyst 6500-E series chassis is perfect for tackling Gigabit Ethernet, high-performance, high- port-density fast ethernet and 10 and 40 Gigabit Ethernet applications in all parts of the network. Being an ideal solution, you can deploy this series in core and aggregation enterprise environments. You can enjoy the benefits of high network resiliency and investment protection as this series suppors multiple generations of products in the same chassis that will lower the total cost of ownership.

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