Which Certification is better to strengthen your core CISA or CIA?

The frequently asked question among the applicants is whether CIA or CISA. The difference of both the certification can be summarized in short as CISA is for specialists while CIA is for generalists. Both the courses have its limitations and qualities. The CIA certification would cost approximately $ 1,500 or more. While the CISA certification would cost about $ 1000. Additional cost might occur during the training due to the books and prep courses.

CISA vs CIA Certification

The question still remains the same which certification would be good to have? The CISA or CIA? If planning for both then which one should be taken first? The CISA certification is of high standards for IT auditors. It is necessary that you are aware of auditing basics and little knowledge of IT. IT auditors get the certification to be in the field while Non It auditors get it to get into IT auditing. The CISA comprises of 1 exam which is encompassing of a membership of 1 year to ISACA. With a strong background and experience, one can prepare and have the certification within the time period of 6 months to a year. Which makes it a good return on investment.

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