Do you feel that there is a connection between church or religion and government? Have they always been joined at the hip in one way or another? Have you noticed any common ties between government and religion?

Now, I realize I may rock some waves this week; and that is ok. Afterall, I am delving into the two areas that they say not to talk about; and I am putting them together in one place. This is a big area though, given what most are taught to feel, believe, and view them as. There is no doubt that they tend to stir big reactions; and are something that most people tend to get very passionate about.

When we really look at these two; they are almost like Siamese Twins, unseparable in so many ways. Such as for saying the Pledge of Allegiance in school (until they started to remove religion from the school system). Don’t even get me started there, getting innocent children to give allegiance to their country without even knowing what they are truly pledging themselves to - devotion to a government that is already creating separation under the pretense of union and justifying it by aligning it with God.

I have seen so many beautiful people fighting for something they believe in, under the smoke screen of great deception; that they are “protecting” their country and freedom, when all they are really protecting are the elite that keep them in fear. I have seen so many beautiful people going to church week after week after week; wanting connection with “God” and to be filled with the Spirit, all the while receiving a doctrine that doesn’t even match up with the energy of the Divine “God” and Holy Spirit. So many things written in scripture that are not in alignment with Christ’s teachings.

You may be wondering who am I to make such statements. For one, I have a relative that was one of 13 brought in to translate the original scriptures; and left writings about how they were distorted and “adjusted” to fit what was “wanted” instead of what they actually said. In addition, there are so many things that just align in how both church and state operate; a control by fear, yet “God” holds no one in fear and is not of fear energy, so “God” would not hold anyone in fear or make threats to them. Only that which is not aligned with “God” would come from this space.

When we also look at how things are written there are too many contradictions; such as “God” being angry with us. When we are talking of a pure divine loving energy, there is no anger or revenge for anything. There is also a great amount of talk about good vs. evil; another great contradiction that has been distorted. An energy as evolved and loving as “God” does not see separation but unity, does not see conflict but harmony, does not see anything as good or evil. This brings me to another aspect of “judgment”. Do we really believe we will be “judged” by a loving Father/Mother “God” presence? If we look at the “God” that most people believe they are worshipping or observing, this energy is pure and Divine love within which there can be no judgement, for there is love of all life and the wisdom to know the purpose of all things.

Such an energy would only see the true essence of any life form; so there is no need to forgive anything, the natural laws of the universe provides the consequences to our choices. Ahhhh, yes, choice beautiful choice the greatest gift we were given. Why? because it reminds us that we always have the power of the Divine; and are always connected with “God” energy, we are never stuck in the “evils” of the world because we can always choose a different option.

I have no question that Church and State are both different and of the same energy. They represent one of the great dichotomies of the universe; being their own independent aspect and being dependent on each other. In some ways the relationship between them is functional and in some ways completely dysfunctional.

What will be interesting to see is how they will shift and change through what is happening in the world. These times are definitely leading people to question what the church is providing. Governments are unlikely to thrive and hold power if the churches choose their own independence. Many will be watching closer for consistencies and incongruent behavior from those in places of power and in elite circles. After all, going to church does not automatically clear one from initiating wars or causing suffering to others. There is also the aspect that if all of this power and control is what is needed; then why would one need to go to church. Going to church, or even believing in “God” does not excuse one for non-loving actions.

I sincerely believe that those attending church really want only the most loving energy of the great “light” often referred to as “God”. I genuinely believe that there can be great value for people within the gathering of heart-centered people. However, I also feel that it is quite important to also see through the distortions that have been presented to us. What is real adapts to what is happening; but it does not change it’s essence in order to keep people. Something as great as Divine light does not need to control, or market itself. The light simply shines in a way that is so loving, that it speaks for itself; and not one word is needed to understand what it is saying. However, when distortions are mixed with the truth for less than “Godly” purposes it can get quite confusing.

When I look at the codes of Church and state we find that the Church does not operate on it’s own; but receives assistance from those in power. When we look at the codes of State, we find that success can only happen from wisdom. Translated this means that the Church is often reliant on what the State wants to have happen and that there is a direct relationship between them. It also shows, that without interspersing truth or hope on some level; without integrating the Christ consciousness terminology or aspects into whatever it is doing, the State becomes totally powerless, which is why it consistently falls back on using biblical passages even if they are distorted to create fear and gain control.

Where have you seen Church and State show the same agendas? Have you ever really thought about the contradictions we are taught through stories and what we hope to experience through religion or the church? Why would a “God” that gives you the full power of choice so that you can be fully empowered seek to keep you in a helpless state leading you to believe you have none and do not carry that very “God” gene within you?

Jesse Ann Nichols George

Code Interpretor

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