Typically one wouldn't think of church management software as a primary tool for expanding the community. When you want to have a large community in the congregation, you need a properly planned process that can be executed well with the help of software. Check out more here: Church Kid's Check-In

Sometimes the communication process is disrupted, people do not know what is currently happening in the church and may even believe false information.

Using the church software you can eliminate all the disputes that occur due to confusion when people are not informed about the current church scenario. Most ChMs contain a calendar through which you can share events, services, gala, etc. that start in the church. The chat system, the facility for sending mass emails, and the forum are effective in creating an understanding between the people who work in the church.

One of the vital ingredients of growing a community is empowering volunteers to multiply the impact of the ministry. If you are not using a strategy to engage volunteers, the number of volunteers joining and leaving the church will not make a big difference.

Leaders are sometimes satisfied when a former volunteer is replaced by a new one because they receive better service. With such a perspective, the church community can never grow.

Through the church system, you can involve existing volunteers and also persuade new ones.

Most people who join your community and donate to the church will be happy to have a quarterly statement and annual receipt to file their tax return. With this, you can send donors your donation receipts and even generate an annual donation report. Some programs even allow you to attach the details in the form of PDF and Excel files. It is an innovative way to save paper (used in envelopes and stamps) and time.

Bulk emailing sounds good to members you interact with every day, but a person who is being invited to an event or a new member receiving an email for the first time would appreciate being called by name. Most ChMs have options that allow you to include the person's name and subject. Also, sometimes the software allows you to select a specific group resulting in mailing only to the intended people. For example: for the celebration of Children's Day, you will only approach families that have children.

You can manage the text of your emails based on some criteria. If it is an email inviting people to an event, you can design two formats:

One that contains only a synopsis of what will happen. This will be sent to people who have already attended a similar event at the church.

Another format with in-depth details of each element of the event for newcomers.

If the event is age-specific, you can customize the email according to the age of the person receiving it. Annexes such as posters, pdfs, documents, etc. they should be included only for those people who really want to read them.

Each church has its own ways of growing its community, but with church management software, you not only attract more people, but also maintain a deep connection with them.


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