In clinical practice, the chronic prostatitis is a common male problem, which can be cured by many different ways. For example, the antibiotics or herbal remedy Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which features no side effects or drug resistance by contrast with the former ones.

In fact, there are also a lot of self-treatments tips in daily living that are free and easy to practise.

1. Be positive and try to relax yourself

The daily pressure may increase the incidence rate of prostate enlargement, and clinical researches point out that when the daily pressure is relatively reduced, these prostate symptoms will get relieved gradually.

2. Make yourself clean

Males secrete more sweat after activities. And at times ,due to the poor ventilation in the private areas, it will easily heap up filth and dirt. In this rate, local bacteria can get a chance to induce prostatitis, trigger prostatic hypertrophy and make sexual function declined. Hence, it is necessary to clean your body frequently in daily life.

3. Use warm water bath

A warm water bath can help to dispel tension in the muscles and the prostate gland, and can help to disperse symptoms in sufferers with prostatitis. A regular warm water bath is surely beneficial to males with prostate symptoms. On condition that you take a warm water bath for your perineum once or twice each day, good outcomes will happen as well.

4. Avoid cold contact

Don't sit on the cold benches or chairs for too long, since the coldness can enlarge sympathetic nervous excitement, giving rise to increased pressure in the urethra and triggering urine reflux.

5. Don’t digest spicy foods and alcohol

Eating too many stimulating foods can harm the prostate gland, triggering prostatitis. Even if the influence of stimulating foods on the male health varies, it is suggested to steer clear of excessive consumption of these things for the sake of body health.

6. Avoid sitting for too long

In daily life, you should avoid playing games and watching TV for a long time because of the long-time sitting. Men in the office or bus drivers as well as passengers are also supposed to get up for a while to stretch their body and avoid inner congestion.

7. Supplement sufficient water

Supplementing more water help to urinate. Usually, high-concentration urine will bring about some stimulation to the prostate gland, and long-time harmful stimulation can hurt the prostate gland. Supplementing sufficient water can help to dilute the blood and effectively dilute the urine concentration. What’s more, you should not hold urine. Once the bladder is full, prostatic congestion will occur, which may lead to prostatitis.

Self-therapy is the process of forming good habits and giving up on bad ones. Therefore, stick to these good things and you will get well soon.

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