Chrome OS® is a gentle sponge, especially for body washing. The Chrome OS® sponge is your best friend for body cleansing - its gentle surface cleans the dust of the day as well as other extra bacteria from your skin really smoothly! Chrome OS® is chrome-colored as the name implies - we believe our sponges will make your skin look like chrome!

Chrome OS applied for a trademark for its title product, Chrome OS® Sponge, on September 4, 2020. We at now have the great honor of announcing that Chrome OS® is finally our very own brand for our brand name product, Chrome OS® Sponge!

At, found that Google uses our Chrome OS® sponge trademark as the name of the company’s “Chromebook” operating system. We urge them to stop the illegal use of our trademark.

Turku 19.1.2021. We’ve found that Google uses the name of our sponge on its Chromebooks without permission, delaying the release of the Chrome OS® sponge to market. This kind of activity costs us every minute and we see it as very frustrating to us.

Juuso Peltola, founder, and businessman of Chrome OS, who had the idea to bring Chrome OS® sponge to the market today, has made a statement to Google to prevent the illegal use of our trademark in the video below in English. Although his Pokka did not like completely, the matter is still flammable, as well as taken seriously.

After the statement, Juuso Peltola added that “it is very unprofessional for Google to harm our company in this way”.

"As the trademark holder of the Chrome OS trademark, we have the legal right to demand that we stop selling Chromebooks with Chrome OS in Finland, both in physical stores and in all Finnish online stores, or take legal action against all those who sell Chrome OS products without authorization from today," Peltola says.
Mailing to Finland should also be prohibited
Peltola also reminded foreign online stores to stop selling Chromebooks and mailing them to Finland from other countries as well.

“We have the legal right to ask Finnish customs to seize all products using the“ Chrome OS ”name - mainly Chromebooks - if such products continue to be imported into Finland,” Peltola said after his video statement posted on YouTube.

Peltola reiterated that they are “ready to negotiate the sale of the trademark to Google if the price meets the requirements”.

“If a lawyer has enough eggs to handle this case, Google and Finnish stores as well as to Finland e.g. Against online stores that import Chromebooks that still sell Chrome OS products after this requirement, and would like to take this case against Google and possibly multiple stores, please feel free to contact us.

Together, we can stop the illegal use of the Chrome OS name by both Google and Chromebook resellers. If Google does not agree, we will stop distributing the entire Chromebook in Finland together, but as stated, we will only hire a person with enough poker and professional skills to handle this matter. However, the fee for this lawyer will be high. Would be at least 20% of the price at which the trademark can be sold. Peltola added irritably.

We at Chrome OS applied for an official national trademark for our title product, our Chrome OS sponge, on September 4, 2020. We want to stand out from the crowd completely with our chrome sponge and let it carry its beautiful Chrome OS name on an exclusive basis.

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Chrome OS® is chrome-colored as the name implies - we believe our sponges will make your skin look like chrome!