We live in a modern busy era when our jobs keep us busy all the time and we are experiencing a decreasing connection with the most important people from our lives due to the lack of free time or problematic timing. Moreover, in recent years, Christmas time has changed into a busy time of the year which implies a lot of stress and huge expenses. There is shopping to be done, menus to be planned, and preparing everything until the hordes of people arrive at your house. However, we all need to go back to its origins and remember that the true magic of Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones no matter where you are or what you are doing. The image of happy family gatherings in a cozy living room exchanging gifts with their smile on their faces needs to be a time of joy instead of a stressful time. Here are a few fun activities which can bring back the true meaning of Christmas in your family and help you bond.

Organize A Family Gathering

Organizing a Christmas family gathering is perceived as a stressful and unpleasant task. As people estranged from each other during the rest of the time of the year, reconnecting with all the relatives they have not seen for a long time can bring emotional stress. However, the family is the most important value in our lives. No matter how busy we might be during the rest of the time of the year, Christmas needs to be a moment of joy and family bonding. Organizing a family gathering will not only help you reconnect with relatives you have not seen for a long time, but it will also be the best way to familiarize your kids with the Christmas traditions. Traditions are a crucial part of our societies as they bring people together and promote a sense of belonging. Traditions need to be promoted to the young generations in order to survive during time and engage your kids in your culture.

Volunteer to make other people smile

Christmas is the season of giving. Sharing smiles on the face of the people who are not so fortunate can be the best gift you give to your child. During Christmas time, there are numerous charity events at which you and your kids can volunteer for. Surely, volunteering is a great thing to do any time of the year but there is always a need for some extra help to make less fortunate people happy and fulfill their Christmas wishes. Whether you collect old clothes, toys, or items to donate them to charities, or volunteer to help serve meals at homeless shelters, there is a lot of things you and your kids can gain out of it. Volunteering is a great way to teach your kids important life values such a kindness, empathy, gratitude, and acceptance. The happiness and smiles of the people whom you and your kids are going to help will be the most valuable gift for your entire family.

Go sledding or ice-skating

For kids, winter comes with a lot of fun activities to do. Apart from the fact that Christmas time is the time of the year when they get to spend a lot of quality time with their parents, they can also experience exciting winter sports. We all have great memories from our childhoods about how much fun we had during winter as kids. You need to ensure that your kids experience the snow fun and go sledding and ice-skating together. Not only that is going to be extremely fun for all of you, but you will also get your kids moving and engage in physical activities despite the low temperatures. Sledding down a slippery slope or ice-skating are both fun activities which will help you have fun and bond as a family.   

Take the Santa Express Train Ride

During Christmas time, you need to inspire your kids to feel the real magic of Christmas together with Santa and his reindeers. Create a universe of beautiful memories by transporting your kids to The North Pole with Santa’s magical steam train such as the ones from Statfold Barn Railway. You and your kids will be able to see Santa’s reindeers, decorate cookies, write your Christmas wishes letter, and get special gifts to keep as a memory after you have spent a fun day together with Santa. All the activities you and your child will do together with Santa are exciting ways to spend kids days out in Staffordshire during the Christmas holiday.

Spend Christmas abroad

If you wish for a different way of spending your Christmas holiday together with your kids, you need to consider spending Christmas abroad. There is nothing more exciting and fun than traveling together with your loved ones. It is an amazing opportunity to have new experiences together and bond as a family while creating amazing memories for a lifetime. Spending Christmas abroad will broaden your horizons. It will engage both you and your kids to experience Christmas traditions from other cultures, try delicious foods from different traditional cuisines, and discover new places.  A trip during the Christmas holidays will surely be remembered.

Attend Christmas festivals

During Christmas time, there are surely going to be numerous Christmas festivals to engage the community to spend their holidays together. Tree lighting ceremony in the town square, church concerts, colorful Christmas lights, and tasty smells from the delicious foods prepared and sold at the food trucks will engage your kids to feel the Christmas spirit together with all the other people from your community.

Remember that Christmas joy and happiness does not come from food, gifts, drinks, or decorations. It comes from spending time with your loved ones, seeing others happy, creating lifetime memories, and doing a lot of activities together. If you look back to your childhood it is less likely to remember all the gifts you have found under the Christmas tree. Instead, you remember the presence of your family members and all the fun you had together.

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Cynthia Madison