At this time of year, we all go shopping to buy gifts for our loved ones and we try to make a point of making that gift memorable.  Have you ever thought of the gift that you receive daily from your Creator?  It is a gift of life, of abundance and riches that no material object can improve upon because this gift comes from deep within your soul.   The best relationship you can have in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. 
As a relationship expert, I have helped numerous people find their joy and experience contentment and inner peace.  They have come to realize that before they could find the love of their life, they needed to love and respect themselves first.    We cannot treat anyone any better than we treat ourselves.  When you forget to make time for you, give up on yourself or devalue yourself, you shut the door for bringing in a good and healthy relationship.  You have great talents and abilities and I believe it’s time for you to learn how to become your own relationship expert and start by treating you better. 
We, too often, go through the routine in life and exist rather than live to our fullest.  Take responsibility for your life, your attitude, behavior and the environment that you live in daily.  You can manifest all that you desire in your life when you are ready to receive and to be ready means you need to be properly prepared.
Your life can get better and more fulfilling when you learn how to cultivate good and healthy relationships. 
Don’t just survive in life!  I believe you can move out of your limiting beliefs, learn how to become your own relationship expert and change your life for the better.  Don’t ignore the warning signs.  Your Creator has some memorable gifts ready to be experienced by you. Your Creator knows how to make more out of your life and exceed your expectations if you willingly prepare you for the gift that is waiting for you. 
Trust your heart, allow the Spirit of your Creator to come alive within your soul because that is when you will see the greatness of the blessings being presented to you.  Everything we have and do in life evolves around a relationship.  Don’t you want to experience and enjoy the gift that belongs to you?   Get ready to be amazed!

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