Christmas is one of the most important festivals of London. Every year London comes up with plenty of activities and events during the time of Christmas. Christmas in London gives the people the opportunity to engage in lot of eventful activities. There is lot to do in London during Christmas. From decorations to shopping, parties and many more form the principal events of the Christmas celebrations in London.

One of the most amazing things about Christmas celebration in the capital city of United Kingdoms is that during this workers return to their families. London comes to life with the streets, houses and lanes getting illuminated with different electrical lights. The Christmas Day is marked by a message addressed by the Queen.

Wishing and greeting each other, singing carol form the most essential part of the celebration of Christmas in London. However, when touring London during Christmas, the best way to enjoy the festival is to stroll down in the shopping districts of downtown, taking part in Christmas carol and gorging in some delicious dishes. Turkey forms the main dish of Christmas celebration in London.

Events of Christmas celebrations London

1.Lighting of Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree

Trafalgar Square is one of the most visited places in London which is transformed into a different world during the time of Christmas. The lighting in Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree kicks off the Christmas season in the city.

2.Great Christmas Pudding Race

Held at the Covent Garden, the Great Christmas Pudding Race is a major crowd puller of the celebrations of Christmas. Dressed in costumes of Christmas, the winner of the race gets a Pudding Trophy. The funds raised by the race are given to some local charity.

3.Frost Fair

Held annually, the Frost Fair is usually celebrated from December 15th to December 17th. This is a historical tradition of Christmas celebration in London. Along with live music, food, workshops and shopping, the fair remains filled with entertainers, ice slides and ice sculptures.

4.International Show Jumping

Organized on the Hammersmith Road, this magnificent event is aired on BBC television.

5.King’s College Choir

Carols are sung in the King College’s Chapel, which form an integral part of the Christmas celebration in London.

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