What is more important? Should a Christian woman go to college to become a career woman or should she learn all she can about how to be a good helpmeet to her husband and stay happily married for life? I see much confusion and conditioning in the mainstream Christian culture of today. When career and money become more important than commitment and love many Christian people are being deceived.

You may be wondering how Christians are being deceived? Sometimes Christians are deceived without ever knowing it because they have already fallen into a worldly deception, whatever it might be. Perhaps it is the worldly deception of how a career woman is somehow better than a homemaker and a wife. Perhaps it is the lie that a man should allow his wife to boss him around for whatever reason circulating at the moment?

Who are Christians listening to? What are Christians watching? What are Christians reading? Where are Christians going? What do Christians believe in? In other words, what we allow into our heart and mind we generate within our belief system and we act on it and we become one with it. Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? (2 Corinthians 6:14)

God tells His children to separate themselves from unbelief and to not be yoked together with the world. This means to not let the world’s standards, patterns, practices and methods of living undermine our faith and walk with Jesus. But when worldly views and attitudes become more important in our hearts than principle we have compromised ourselves as Christians. We are allowing ourselves to become yoked with the patterns and practices of the world!

Are some Christians allowing worldly values tell them how to live rather than God’s standards for living? You bet they are. They are placing more importance on riches, careers and status than on marriage and family values. They are believing in worldly views and attitudes that actually take them away from God! When couples enter into marriage with wrong values, how on earth will their marriage ever stand up under that kind of pressure, hence the high rate of divorce.

As Christ Ones we need to rebuild God’s Kingdom by going back to His standards and principles for righteous living. Will a young Christian woman learn how to be a helpmeet to her husband by going to college? Absolutely not, in fact this will keep her from understanding her role as a wife in marriage and most likely she will always suffer through problem after problem in her marriage. It’s all in the attitude of what a young girl has been conditioned into believing. Young girls are taught to go after a career, money, and status rather than value herself as a woman, wife and mother. Consequently this is where the feministic attitude comes into play.

Learning to be a good wife and mother takes considerable selflessness, humbleness and Godliness. We cannot have feministic attitudes and views if our goal is to be the wife and mother that God created us to be. A woman’s calling as a wife and mother is not about her having a career that takes her away from her home, husband and children but exactly the opposite. How have we allowed ourselves to become so deceived into believing the standards, patterns, practices of this world are Christian based? How has this happened? I think it is time we turned our boats around and asked God to be our Captain.

As Christ followers we have to wise up and get back on the path that leads to God. The kingdom of heaven is here! Why are we living as if we are waiting for something? Have you entered Christ’s kingdom or are you still living out the world’s standards, practices and views for living? “These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. They worship me in vain; their teachings are but rules taught by men.” (Matthew 15:8-9)

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