Take some time to get comfortable and explore the content of Steward’s Gift Counseling: mental health resources, blogs, and services. If you live in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, or surrounding North Texas cities I am honored to offer Christian counseling services to you. I specialize in complex trauma therapy for women and teen girls. 50-60% of all women will experience at least one trauma in their lifetime. Experiencing a traumatic event, whether it is a natural disaster, abuse, or sexual assault, your mind and body will store the trauma. Trauma impacts functioning.

• Have you been impacted by trauma?
• Are you overwhelmed and not sure what to do?
• Are you tired of battling your thoughts and emotions?
• Are you experiencing anxiety or depression?
• Do you have undesirable behaviors?
• Are you angry with God?
• Do you feel hopeless?
• Do you simply need someone to hear your story?

I am honored to come along side each woman and teen I counsel to walk the road to healing. I have created a safe environment that feels comfortable for you to talk about the most difficult topics of your personal narrative.

Christian counseling is a faith based practice that is proudly grounded in the Holy Scriptures and the teachings of Jesus Christ. If you are a strongly spiritual person who is dealing with stress and conflicts this counseling can be of great help. Biblical counseling is the only type of professional help that many deeply religious people feel comfortable in accepting. Sometimes it has been hard for individuals to find the kind of assistance they need, especially if secular counselors were the only ones available. This article will introduce you and your family to the teachings that you can expect in the course of Christian counseling.

There are people who believe strongly in dealing with life problems in ways and manners that are approved and taught in the Bible. To do this properly they need to connect with Family Christian counseling centers that employ staff members who understand their needs. Christian counselors are those who embrace the philosophy and truths that are contained in the Holy Scriptures. Counselors are able to use these truths to effectively show clients how faith and prayer can address the issues at hand.

Biblical counseling can offer many spiritually rewarding benefits when used appropriately by well trained and compassionate professionals. Choosing Christian counseling lets the client deal with their problems or conflicts in a manner that is not at odds with the instruction that they find in the Holy Scriptures. It also helps each client strengthen their faith through prayer and increased scriptural understanding.

Many of the secular based counseling centers cannot grasp the importance that deeply religious people affix to their spiritual beliefs and ideals. While these individuals want to gain emotional strength and understanding they also need to remain true to church doctrines. This is where Christian counseling services excel. Being religious and grounded in a particular spiritual belief does not mean that stress, problems and failures will not happen. To those with strong religious convictions these are the times that test their faith. Christian counseling done properly gives them the strength to face adversity and troubling situations.

These counselors use faith and prayer as the foundations for their sessions with clients. Their philosophy is based on the principles that spiritual power will overcome secular problems. It is necessary for those who work with Christian counseling services to uphold and believe in these teachings. Faith based counseling services are important for those who want to live by Christian principles. It is important for them to be allowed to maintain their faith in the power of God and his Holy Son. Christian counseling centers have workers on staff that can address many critical questions about human failings in ways that are not contrary to the client's religious upbringing.

Many of the secular counselors will emphasize avoidance of painful emotions in ways that are at odds with scriptural teachings. However in faith based counseling the emphasis is to look inward, embrace these inner demons and learn from each situation. It is believed that challenges are part of developing a stronger faith and a deeper relationship with God. If you have questions and dilemmas in your life, Christian counseling can show you how to call upon your faith and religious beliefs for the strength and answers that you need.

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