As Christchurch enters what seems to be its final phase of reconstruction, the city is offering an increasing number of options for real estate investors. Thanks to the rebuild, Christchurch has a modern feel that promotes an environmentally friendly and active lifestyle that’s balanced with easy access to all amenities one would expect in a world-class city. This means that there is a current influx of people looking to make Christchurch their permanent place of residence.

Since Christchurch essentially functions as the primary business district of the South Island, along with real estate and infrastructure developments, the city boasts a vibrant work culture, with established businesses and start-ups alike calling Christchurch home. The city’s close proximity to nature, good education system, and comparatively affordable housing also all make Christchurch an appealing option for people looking to put down roots.
All these developments and the increasing population entering the city means that savvy property investors could find themselves making good returns.

With the current slow-down in prices, investors are more likely to find cheaper properties; and those willing to invest in new builds or renovations could potentially find some real gems. This is especially true for investors looking for rental properties, as newcomers to the city means an increased pool of renters looking for accommodation. Short-term rental properties are also a good investment bet, especially when catering specifically to professions staying in Christchurch for the duration of their business undertakings.

Investors could further consider investing in properties on the outskirts of the city, as there are many new developments taking place as well as various existing homes available that are particularly appealing to long-term family renters.

Whether looking to invest in a forever home, or for properties that can produce rental income, real estate in Christchurch has something for any type of property investor.

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