By Kalki Ratna

I was looking at the image of the mystic I was going to meet with disbelief! The same divine person I have seen in my dream the night before. I was at the ashram of Yogi Buddhadeva whom I had never met before but God has given me an indication that I had found a living embodiment of Shiva-consciousness.

Yogi BuddhaDeva
The curtains made way for a persona as powerful as the sun but as gentle as the moon, clad in a simple kurta and jeans— The Urban Yogi, Yogi Buddhadeva. The introductions were brief and I had face to face with my Guru after a long wait of two decades. (Of course, I forgot to introduce myself to you, the people who have to take your precious time to read the blog. A mumukshi , with an activated kundalini since the time I entered my mother’s womb, my parents named me Vikram Mittal). “ So, Vikram, why do you want to learn reiki ?”, Guruji asked. The journey of awareness, spirituality, and practicality which began that day still continues & is full of lessons, that whole of humanity can gain from. I shall try to make the teachings I have been assimilating for more than one decade as profound as I can.

First Meeting With Yogi BuddhaDeva
The room where I first met the messiah of my life, Yogi Buddhadeva had already been shown to me in my divine dream. This room had the feel of a living God, the divinity of the room overwhelmed a person as soon as one entered. I had been very egoistic in the sense that I thought I could steer my spiritual journey on my own but Yogi Buddhadeva came across as a power who could transform me to my highest potential.

Yogasth Foundation course
Yogasth Foundation
Experience With Yogi BuddhaDeva
The complete overhauling of my life has been seen by the people who know me. A person who was a patient fit for the mental hospital is now ushering in a new spirituality for the new age — the darkest phases of the kalyug. Vikram Mittal is now a spiritual saadhak, Kalki Ratna.

Be a part of this great and inspiring journey that will remind people that children should not be punished for having an active kundalini but rather we all must become yogasth so that shudh , budh, and Satchidananda souls fill the womb of Mother Earth.

Reiki with Yogi BuddhaDeva
The next visit to the ashram was for learning Reiki. The experience of the attunement was one of the most memorable in my life as I felt light travel up my spine. The one question Yogi Buddhadeva posed during the lecture still haunts me,” What makes Salman Khan sing and dance with full fun with a high fever like 103 degrees .” As I muse over the start of awakening the healer in me, today my eyes are full of tears. I thank God that Yogi Buddhadeva chose me as a disciple. The Divine in flesh and blood had chosen me.

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