There are many paths to spiritual and worldly freedom. Every person can choose a path that suits them, and many work equally well. We can choose Zen, Kabbalah or Sufi for example which are very different paths but all lead to the same end.

Some paths take a person further and quicker than others in the same time frame, but to choose a path that is not suitable to your character will be a disappointing waste of your life. If you buy a house that is more than you can afford and take a big mortgage, then cannot pay the mortgage each month, you will lose the house and the money you put in.

You must choose a path that is suitable to you so you progress as far as you can. This is why there are so many paths in the spiritual realm and also so many professions in the world. Find a job or business that suits what you can do and gives you the most gain for your efforts. On the other hand, a life that is very easy or comfortable may not carry you very far, but it may, we never know. What we do know is that growth often come with growing pains. This is a reality of life.

When choosing your path, do not follow another person’s path because he or she has made a big success on that path, it may not be suitable to your nature and character. Always remember that there is something within that person which made them follow that path, as there is something in you that needs to be discovered.

Many paths are very difficult, but it is not the difficulties that matter. The hidden cause of what really made a person undertake the difficulties is the hidden key. Perhaps the difficulties are not what the person chose, but are just the effects of that path. If you choose to copy someone on a difficult path, then you missed the point of the path because you only copied what you saw, not what was within the person that brought them on that path.

The thing within is both the cause and the answer. It is that which drives you to seek and also that which you seek. It searches for itself to find itself by driving you to go beyond yourself. When you look at an egg, remember that a bird is alive before it breaks out of the egg, and it pushes to break out so it can be itself, a bird rather than an embryo. Even while it is an embryo, it is a bird in becoming, as you are something in becoming, but only if you break out of the shell of your own personality when the time is right.

Your path in life, spiritually, business or family, must fit with your level of readiness, or you will not raise your level. As in the house example; buying too big too soon ends up in losing what you have, but choosing a house in your price range allows you to grow. Be patient to grow steady and at the pace which that path leads.

Some paths are smooth and a gentle incline. Others are steep and peppered with loose rocks. If your path gives way underneath you, it may not be that you have chosen the wrong path, but that it is just the nature of the path you are on. It could mean you are on the wrong path, or that slipping backwards is part of the methods of that path. How you handle these events will make your stronger or, kill you.

Understand this and you will endure pain and troubles without giving up, or better still, you will follow a path that does not cause or need you to slip backwards and break your legs. If it does, remember that your legs will heal and you will be able to walk again one day. Until then, you may need to crawl for a while because stopping is the only wrong choice.

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David Samuel is The Entrepreneur Monk, a rag to riches story by understanding the mind and emotions.
Retiring at 29, he resolved the riddle of why we do what is bad for us yet do not do what we know is beneficial and teaches that very effectively.
David designed an iPhone app to build Intuition called ForeSight visit More about David