Nowadays shower doors are not only used to protect the rest of your bathroom from being flooded, but they have also become an important part of your interior fittings. The choice you make can have a tremendous influence on the atmosphere in your bathroom. There are several very important things to consider. Starting from the shape of your shower pan that clearly has an influence on your shower doors, continuing with the type of glass you choose and many other things that need to be taken into consideration.

Shower Curtains or Shower Doors

Before you do anything also you need to consider if you even want to have shower doors. The fact that they are stiff and cannot be installed or uninstalled easily will result in a loss of flexibility. This may at first sound weird, but it is worth thinking about. If you want to use shower doors in combination with a bath tub, the result may be dramatically decreased comfort, because it would be virtually impossible to rest your arms on the edges of the bath tub. If you want to use a traditional shower stall it certainly is standard to use shower doors, however you might want to deviate from this standard if you are restricted in your movement, for example in the form of a disability. Shower curtains might make accessing your shower significantly easier than regular doors. It is also a lot easier to clean shower curtains than it is to clean shower doors. Most shower curtains can be put into the washing machine without hesitation while the glass need to be cleaned frequently, depending on the hardness of your water.

Shape Of Your Shower Tray

If you have decided to combine a shower tray with shower doors and make use of a traditional shower stall there is another thing to figure out. Do you prefer the usual rectangular shape or would you rather pick a rounded off shape? If space in your bathroom is very scarce it is advised to use a rectangular shower tray because they use the space more efficiently. If there is enough room available however, a rounded off shape is preferred by most. It feels a lot more natural and comfortable, and the doors usually offer much more room to enter and leave the shower.

What Kind Of Glass For Your Shower Doors

The two main options are of course milky and clear glass. Most Shower doors are available with different kinds of glass, most of which is not even glass but plastic. Plastic often comes with various decorations and can even come in various colors. Clear glass is highly recommended if your bathroom is dark and you do not want to shut out further light. A big portion of homeowners also prefer glass doors for optical reasons, but it must be taken into account that glass doors have to be cleaned more frequently. Milky glass offers the advantage that it is not entirely transparent. That is something that can increase comfort when you have to share a bathroom. Be it in a shared apartment or even if you live with your partner, some people just do not feel comfortable when they can be watched while having a shower.

How Your Shower Door Is Opened

The obvious choice here is between sliding doors and regular ones. My recommendation for virtually every bathroom are sliding doors, they need significantly less space and are very comfortable as well Should you want to use regular doors beware of the opening direction. If the doors open into your bathroom and not into your shower this may cause a little flood in your bathroom every time you leave your shower. This is another reon why I advise you not to use that kind of shower door, because they can really only be recommended if youashave a huge amount of scarce room.


Now it comes down to your personal taste. There all kinds colors and decorations available everywhere. White is of course the most traditional color, however it is the one that needs to cleaned most frequently. Popular choices reach from blue, to green, rose and many more

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